Aside from pegging him, I had no other real plans for Lion once I got him in the sling. I knew the beginning and the ending but not the story in between. It didn’t take me long to figure it out though.

Spanking Lion when he’s in the sling is not the easiest. It’s an awkward angle and I can’t really use a paddle. It’s a good thing my hands are used to whomping him. I think I started off with my first-timer swats just to get him used to the idea. It wasn’t a punishment spanking. I was going for love taps. Real love taps. But I accelerated to harder swats soon enough.

I stopped from time to time to play with my weenie. I’d get him hard and then go back to spanking. Maybe it wasn’t the ideal way to do it but that’s the way I decided to do it. I did get him fairly pink but I’m sure I could have gone on longer. As I said, It’s an awkward angle. Maybe sometime this week I can spank him on the bed where I have more leverage.

Lion knew he was going to have a happy ending. He knew it was going to be oral. He just didn’t know what would happen before then. He enjoyed himself, aside from the pegging, which Lion endured with flying colors. Yes, he might have enjoyed it more if I had kept spanking him but he’ll never argue with an oral orgasm.

As promised, Lion is locked away again. He probably won’t be horny tonight so we’ll just snuggle. By tomorrow he should be regaining his horniness enough to be unlocked and edged. For now he’s back in the zoo.