In or Out

So much for my deciding when Lion is caged and when he isn’t. He was caged for approximately 24 hours before he couldn’t sleep because it was bothering him. There was a sore spot. And he’s wild again.

At this point it makes little sense to lock him back up since he’ll be unlocked on Saturday anyway. I just get the feeling he’d want out of it right away. And I’d be nice and unlock him. (For the record, I was trying to get some sleep myself last night and didn’t feel like arguing with him about being in or out of the cage.)

We’ve already established that he doesn’t need to be in the cage. He never really needed to be in the cage. He was never going to cheat on me with another woman. He did cheat by masturbating but I never said he couldn’t. I never realized he did and I suppose it’s really not as severe as cheating with an actual human being. But now I know he won’t cheat by masturbating either. So why worry about the cage now?

I don’t have an answer to that. For some reason when I decided I would be the one deciding whether he’d be in the cage or not, it was fine if he was locked for a week and then wild for two weeks. But when he wants out only 24 hours in I’m hearing my mother in my head when I used to run in and out of the house. “In or out! Pick one!”

Am I upset that I’m not the one deciding? Do I really want him in the cage and his wanting out is annoying me? Does it really bother me all that much or was it just a pain to get back out of bed last night to unlock him? I don’t know. I’ve been digesting it this morning in between working and trying to reset the password for my airline app so I can get my boarding pass next week. Obviously it’s not weighing all that heavily on my mind. I’m just confused about what reaction I’m actually having and why. It definitely requires more thought.


  1. Author

    I say keep him free and have some fun with his masturbation. Make him do it in front of you while you watch and giggle. Making him swallow afterwards is a fun little “consequence”. Or allow him the freedom to masturbate as he pleases, but he must tell you afterwards and suffer a beaten butt as a consequence. Or if you catch him at it red-handed, double consequences! I enjoy my husband’s incessant need to tug on his penis like a little monkey, and have fun with it.

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    I had the same program the very first night try to sleep in my chastity cb 6000s. I didn’t have any sores . I think it was the very first day . I receive my chastity earlier in the day .My girlfriend pad lock in my chastity right away .Now it doesn’t even bother me .

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    I find after an absence of the cage that it is useful to use some Vaseline around the ring. My Queen likes me cage free on vacation. When we return home, initially the cage is a little annoying—so I use the Vaseline to minimize friction and I have no troubles. I don’t have to use it for long—just the first two days or so. That might be helpful for Lion as 8 months Wild is a long time! I haven’t been free for more than a couple of weeks and I need to get reaccustomed to the cage after that short period of time.

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      I think in my case, it was just the straw that destroyed the lion’s sleep. I’ve had a really hard time sleeping and finally decided I needed to remove any distraction. This was the first time since we started that I felt that way. Now I am free till we return from our business/pleasure trip.

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