I Actually Missed It

Back in the chastity device again. For a full, NSFW view, click image.

Would you believe it?  I actually missed wearing my chastity device. I didn’t discover that until I was locked up again.

Monday night, I lost my status as a wild lion. Mrs. Lion locked me up again in my Jail Bird chastity device. It was sort of a joint decision. I brought it up and Mrs. Lion agreed it might be a good idea to lock me up again. Within a few minutes of returning to my cage, I mentioned that being locked up may not be such a good idea. Predictably, with a small smile, Mrs. Lion said,

“I don’t really think you have a choice.”

I figured that since I got locked up at my request, I should be able to be unlocked at my request as well. Oh no. I guess that eight months of being wild made me think that wearing a chastity device was up to me. Truth be known, I like how it feels to be wearing it again.

There is, however, one thing I enjoyed while wild: I could get hard at any time. There were the normal morning wood erections. But there were some that I helped along. It isn’t something I do all the time, but it’s nice to exercise and get hard now and then. As far as I know, I’m not breaking a rule.  Those days are gone.

The Jail Bird is very comfortable and doesn’t hurt at all when it prevents erections. It’s effective and painless.

Wearing a chastity device is admittedly my fetish. Unlike other fetishes, once Mrs. Lion locks me up, it stops being controllable by me. At that point, does it stop being my thing and does it become Mrs. Lion’s? I think that’s the case. It’s a physical manifestation of her sexual control. That’s a big reason why I like it.

I would argue that the chastity device is not a big part of orgasm control. I’m able to avoid giving myself an orgasm when wild. We both know that. The chastity device, for me at least, is a continuous reminder of our power exchange. Now that I’m caged again, I realize how much I like that feeling.

Once I was conditioned to not provide myself with sexual release, the hardware stopped being necessary to enforce my abstinence. That was proven in the last eight months while I was wild. There were no “slips” even when I was made to wait 28 days. We can rule out enforcing orgasm control as a benefit of wearing the device. At one time it also served to remind Mrs. Lion to pay sexual attention to me. She no longer needs that reminder.

I llike being wild. But I think there is a real, if intangible, benefit of wearing a chastity device. For one thing, even though the device is comfortable, I always know it’s there. It reminds me that my penis is not mine any more. I can’t even rub it a little and make it hard. It also is a little humiliating to know that my lioness makes me wear this obvious symbol of her control. I can’t remove it. Well, maybe I can, but I won’t.

Panties and diapers are other humiliation tools at Mrs. Lion’s disposal. She rarely uses them (Too bad.). The chastity device, however, is there twenty-four hours a day, every day. It only comes off for brief intervals when Mrs. Lion wants access to her penis. The cage effectively transfers ownership of a part of my body to Mrs. Lion. It’s a transfer I can’t revoke. I like that.



  1. Author

    I agree, both with liking the feel of being locked up (it’s sort of a security blanket fell for me), and with its “intangible benefits”. i’m currently “wild” (I’m sorry to appropriate Lion’s term, but it’s very appropriate), and after my longest lock-up ever (about eight weeks), I’m not missing the cage – but I know I will after a while.

    The inability to have any erection is one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of ball-trap style devices, and I’m fortunate to have found a device that’s completely comfortable without a testicle ring. My wife uses the fact that I can achieve an erection, but with no hope of orgasm, to tease me “terribly”, without much effort on her part. Until she wants me to cum, there’s no need at all for her to unlock me, or have to bother with locking me up again after teasing. She can just play with me for a bit, then roll over and go to sleep (she more quickly than I…).

  2. Author

    My key holder and girl friend was on a travel adventure to South America the first of November. I was FREE. However, I felt uncomfortable not being locked up so I put it on and used a removable device should i need to escape. I really felt lost not wearing it. After her return she locked me up. However, she hasn’t played with me. UGH 8 WEEKS

  3. Author

    My sentiments exactly.

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