Early Christmas Present?

Lion said he was horny. He said maybe he needed to be locked up. This was a change. The day before he hadn’t been so horny. And it’s been weeks since he’s mentioned needing to be locked up.

Personally I didn’t think he seemed very horny last night. He did get hard relatively quickly but the intense desire to come was missing. I edged him orally and got him close. There just didn’t seem to be an urgency to it. Despite that, he again said he was very horny and might need to be locked up. OK. I’m game. Back into the cage he goes.

I assume work is quiet. Lion is home this week. Of course there’s nothing he can’t do at home that he can do at work. Most of his meetings are phone calls or video conferences. He could be in Iceland or Australia and still work as long as he has an internet connection. So locking him up right now shouldn’t cause any problems. He doesn’t need to worry about peeing all over clothes he’s not wearing any. He can freely adjust himself without worrying about people seeing. There’s only the dog and she doesn’t care.

After I locked him away he said something to the effect of “I don’t really think I need to be locked up.” To which I replied, “I don’t really think you have a choice.” Was he trying to see if I’d actually lock him up and then had second thoughts when I did? I guess he got his answer.

How long will he stay locked up? I don’t know. Per our original agreement, I am bound to unlock him and play with him every other day. But that’s not the real question. The real question is the permanency of the cage now that it’s back on. Is it just for the week he’s home? Is it for the rest of 2017? Will it remain on (except for traveling and doctor appointments) long into 2018? Did I just lock him up because he was “daring” me to? [Lion – I can be locked for travel too. I have a trip coming up that might be a chance to experience that.]

You already know my answer. We’ll see how it goes. I might decide the cage is necessary. I might not. At the very least I’ve sent a message to Lion.


  1. Author

    I’ve just had surgery last Friday so have been cage less since then. I’m also not very horny at the moment. Geez I could be writing a blog for Lion. lol. But I know the horniness will be back—I just don’t know when. The cage will be back too. So maybe in early 2018 Lion and I will both be caged and horny.

    1. Author

      I hope you feel better soon. I didn’t care about sex for weeks. Take care of yourself.

  2. Author

    I am never locked up when I travel by air. I am a Trusted Traveler so I go through security easily. But I also have a metal hip replacement which means I need to have a pat down inspection. What would you do if you were locked and security said you needed to have a pat down?

    1. Author

      I’m a trusted traveler too. If a pat down is needed, then so be it. I won’t be the first who is found to be wearing a device. The travel cage is plastic with no metal at all.

  3. Author

    No, you certainly wouldn’t be the first… I’ve traveled a few times wearing my Lori tube, which at about a quarter-pound of stainless steel naturally trips the metal detector (I’m Pre, so I get routed there rather than through the millimeter-wave units). My experiences have varied from a wave-through, ineffective pat-down, “personal” viewing (which didn’t bother me – TSA is just doing their job, and were very professional each time), to a cluster-fuck where the supervisor in charge had no idea how to handle the situation. That was a one-time event a while ago, and I don’t expect it would happen again.

    In general, it seems that TSA has become more aware of the odd pieces of metal that people attach to their bodies, and are unfazed by them when they show up. This is naturally true at my home airport (San Francisco, at the mecca for most perversions), but even in places that I would have expected to be less “progressive”; in Nebraska, for example, a quick explanation of “chunky body jewelry” and a brief pat-down was sufficient.

    My take: just go for it, and prepare yourself mentally for having to drop your trousers if necessary. Be cooperative, patient, and non-confrontive, and you’ll have no problems.. Your JailBird is compact enough that it’s likely not to be picked up at all during a pat-down, anyway.

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      I have a 3D printed cage (I reviewed it a while ago). It’s made of nylon and it can be easily “locked” with a numbered seal. It can pick up a smell on the A-ring, but it is easy enough to wash off. I go through the metal detector. I am TSA Pre. It won’t set anything off. Though, Mrs. Lion isn’t inclined to send me off wearing a cage. She might change her mind now that I have the nylon one, but who knows?

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