Movie Time

I don’t think we’ve really played since Sunday when Lion got his orgasm in the sling. He wasn’t in the mood for a few days and then we were tired or achy. Last night he reminded me it had been four days since his orgasm. He wasn’t asking for anything. I think he was really just reminding himself. I wasn’t in any hurry to give him another one but I didn’t have any date in mind either.

If Lion took a boner pill he didn’t mention it. [Lion – I did.]  It took the usual amount of time to get him hard. Boner pills don’t change that. But once he was hard he seemed to be very hard. He said he thought he was last weekend but I hadn’t noticed. Maybe it’s mind over matter.

At any rate, I got him close – very close – a few times. Then I started the slow pace that usually accompanies his bucking. I only noticed minute movement from him but I decided to let him have his orgasm. I basically rewarded him for being super hard. And what did I get in return? Not a lot of cum. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Star Wars. I’m prepared to have no idea what’s going on since I haven’t seen the previous five movies. I’m not sure I paid too much attention to the three that I did see. I’m just assuming it will take up a chunk of our Saturday and errands will take up the rest. I doubt Lion will be horny that soon so we probably won’t play. We can still snuggle. And then maybe Sunday he’ll be looking for sling time again.

Other than that it will be a normal weekend in the Lions’ den.


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    I hope the movie go’s OK .Have fun?

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