He Can Take It

I got some manscaping done with Lion in the sling yesterday. I also put some capsaicin rub on him and when it didn’t seem to be working I put more on and when that didn’t seem to be working I put even more on. I was willing to forego the last round but Lion said to try more. The problem was that capsaicin apparently takes a long time to show its evil effects. We were done by the time it kicked in.

I started out with the smaller smooth dildo (the Tantus Silk Large) since I haven’t pegged Lion in quite a while. As soon as I was done with it I went for the larger dildo. It’s about the same length but much wider. The Tantus is 1-1/2″ diameter, the larger one almost 2″ in diameter. Lion was able to take it. I didn’t really do much actual pegging with it. I just let him get used to it. We may try it again today.

With the (we thought) failed capsaicin attempt, I just decided to go straight to edging Lion. It was his sixth day since his last orgasm. I’d mentioned at one point that he had a four day wait and then a five day wait. I alluded to increasing each wait by one day for a while, but I decided against it because we may want to play today. He’s normally not interested in sex for at least a day after an orgasm so giving him one Saturday effectively wipes out Sunday. At least that was the plan.

I got him very close a few times. He was even trying to buck into my hand. Not an easy task in the sling. Then I went a bit too far. We both dislike ruined orgasms so much, in the past I’ve salvaged them so he has a nice orgasm. But I really didn’t want him to have an orgasm this time at all so I let it finish itself out as ruined. I believe, and I may have it wrong, that a ruined orgasm does not affect his horniness level like a regular orgasm does. I’m hoping the ruined orgasm didn’t ruin our chances of playing today. I want him to want to go back in the sling for round two of pegging with the larger dildo. We’ll have to wait and see.

We got a comment yesterday wondering if pegging Lion does anything for me physically. At this point, there’s really nothing that does anything for me physically. I try to make sure Lion enjoys himself – as much as he can with a dildo ramming him in the ass. He wants to feel powerless. I try to fulfill his needs.