A Fine Mess

sad lion
I’m not a happy camper.

Day 25 came and went. I wasn’t interested. Sex just isn’t interesting right now. I really didn’t expect to lose interest, especially since I was being edged daily. But, at day 23 I just didn’t care. I’m not sure how interesting my loss of libido is to anyone, especially me. I’m sure that it’s temporary. At least, I hope it is.

Part of the reason for it is most likely my allergies. They have been acting up, leaving me itchy and uncomfortable. When my body is unhappy, interest in sex quickly fades. Mrs. Lion has been working hard to remove dog fur and other potential allergens. Her efforts have helped but haven’t erased my discomfort. I’m not sleeping much due to the itching. No wonder I’m not particularly interested in getting off.

Enforced male chastity only works if the male wants the sex he is being prevented from having. The game simply won’t work if he doesn’t want to play. So, we aren’t playing. We talk, watch TV and follow our daily routines. Boring lions.

All this is my fault. Mrs. Lion is ready and willing to tease me and even give me a chance to ejaculate. I’m just not ready. This goes against all common knowledge about male sexuality. We’re supposed to be in continuous heat. The longer the time since the last orgasm, the more desperate we are supposed to get. That isn’t true of me.

For the first couple of weeks, I did get hornier and really wanted to come. After that, I simply enjoyed the edging and stopped worrying about ejaculating. Then, after three weeks, I stopped caring about any of it. Coincidentally, my allergies flared. It’s too easy to blame them for my loss of interest.

Mrs. Lion suggested that I’m just in one of my cycles of low libido. That’s possible as the reason. If it is, my interest will grow on its own.

I’m concerned that what’s happening to me is going to be difficult to overcome. Perhaps I’ll join the ranks of guys who mask loss of interest with bravado; bragging about how strong they are to not come in a long time. I’m not proud of the length of this wait. True, it is a way for Mrs. Lion to flex her power muscles. She wanted to do an experiment and her predicted outcome: my loss of interest happened. It doesn’t feel good to me. I don’t think she likes her experimental success either.

The next stated phase of this experiment is to revive my sexual interest. I don’t think she has a plan to do it. I hope she comes up with one. This latest phase makes me sad. Even if it is temporary, my loss of libido hurts. I was designed to be in heat. Right now I’m not. I don’t even have a chastity device locked on so that I pretend it is keeping me from sex. I am wild. I have no excuses. Well, I’m itchy. That feels pretty weak to me.

Today is the 26th day. I’m keeping track just because it is something to do. Now Mrs. Lion is wondering when I will come. It’s a fine mess we’ve gotten into.


  1. Author

    Honestly I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill! While I’m surprised at your drop of interest, I know it’s a temporary thing. You’ll be alright. Perhaps your allergies are really severe enough to cause this dip. When people are ill they aren’t usually amorous. I think, after having read every post for quite some time, that your allergies cause you a great deal of discomfort and that may be enough to overcome your desires. When you get control of them I’m betting you become horny again. I’m not trying to be disrespectful here.

    1. Author

      The histamine reaction to allergens can really knock a guy’s libido and the meds for allergies can do the same. Something that might help us to take a break with rules in place. We have done that where the cage came off for a while but touching myself for any reason other than to Lee was a $5 fine (glad it was a small amount because this racked up quickly). Any self pleasure was $100 and ten paddle swats. Orgasm was $500 and ten swats a day for a month. I was a pretty good boy and glad to be caged again after a week.

      The reasons for chastity are highly individualized but for me it is to curb my need to self pleasure. I am unlocked to provide service and my orgasms have been cut from about 40/mo to about 6/mo. I’m fine with this because I enjoy them a lot more and have all of that time back. My point is that the equipment needs to be used. A male’s brain needs the orgasm reward now and then. Perhaps an adjustment in your rules may be worth discussing to get the chemical wiring between your two heads humming again. I wish you well and hope you find that happy point of frustration again soon.

      1. Author

        You’re right about the histamine interfering with libido. I was forbidden to masturbate four years ago. I have no problem obeying. Right now, the lack of my interest happens to come at a time when we are about to end a long (for me) wait. It’s inconvenient but understandable.

    2. Author

      I agree that my allergies are certainly contributing. I agree this is temporary and Mrs.Lion has no plans to let up. I’m very happy about that. Thanks for your thoughts and I don’t consider what you said to be disrespectful at all.

  2. Author

    Take a deep breath I am sure your wife Mrs Lion has a plan for you and if she has not yet figured it out yet, maybe you both need to do that Old Fashion thing to seat down and Talk it out. I know you say you fo but is your heart in it or is it just your dick talking about sex.

    1. Author

      It’s easy to assume that what we write here is our entire life. It isn’t. Mrs. Lion and I have great communications. As a matter of fact, she does have plans to cure my temporary problem.

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