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Some pain is most certainly good!

Monday night we had a very exciting play session. Mrs. Lion wrote about it in her post yesterday. She used a menthol rub on my perineum (not balls). That is the most sensitive area on me. Fortunately she used an old bottle of rub which wasn’t very severe.

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurred during that session: The pain of the rub was almost totally cancelled while she played with my penis. The sexual arousal drowned out the burning from the rub. Granted, this was a very mild gel, but in a past session with a much more powerful version, the effect was the same.

Once the menthol started to burn, my arousal offset the pain as long as I was stimulated. When Mrs. Lion paused, the burn came back. When she was done edging me, the pain returned full blast. This offers some interesting play possibilities.

I also wonder if the heat rubs applied to my balls and nearby real estate can be something I learn to tolerate if exposed to them more frequently. It isn’t that the pain is reduced, but like pegging, I learn to accept it more gracefully. That might be an interesting, long-term, lioness experiment. I know that clothespins, while still just as painful as when we first used them, are much easier for me to accept.

I have no idea why this is true. I understand that sexual arousal will block other pain. After all, that’s part of the imperative to reproduce. It makes evolutionary sense. But I don’t understand why repeated painful stimulus is easier to accept even though it remains as painful each time it is applied. I know it’s true with clothespins. The jury is out on hot rubs.

Speaking of which, there are all sorts of hot rubs that range from 2% menthol to up to 5%. Then, next on the scale is capsaicin (the stuff that makes hot peppers hot). This is a completely different sensation than menthol. It is far more painful and lasts a half hour or more. You also can’t wash it off. I’ve never experienced it. We do have a stick-application capsaicin product that will probably find its way to my nether region at some point.

Then, there is a combination product (menthol and capsaicin) called Perform Atomic Heat. This baby packs a double whammy. In case you are wondering, I ordered some. Stupid Lion! So, if by some chance, I develop a tolerance to one level of heat, there are many more to advance the discomfort.

There is value in consistent use of particular stimuli. From my perspective it is a familiar-if-unwelcome sensation. That familiarity builds a perverse sort of anticipation. Increasing ability to endure and handle more feels good to me. I’m successful at accepting what Mrs. Lion gives me.

It’s not unlike waiting between orgasms. It’s familiar to me. I understand it even if I don’t particularly want it. Regular painful activities, like hot rubs and clothespins, fill a need. The waits between orgasms fill the same need in a different way.

A simplistic explanation of all this is that the act of enduring pain and withheld pleasure allows me to experience control. After all, making me do what I want to do anyway isn’t control. It’s wish fulfillment. When I’m strapped in the sling and my balls are on fire from a rub, there is no mistake who controls the situation. Mrs. Lion can happily watch me try to handle pain she inflicts with almost no effort. That part isn’t lost on me. Just a few seconds work applying the evil stuff will make me endure as much as a half hour of extreme discomfort. Talk about power!

I don’t know what is happening deep down in my psyche. I just know that Monday night’s time in the sling left me a much happier lion all day Tuesday.


  1. Author

    I would advise exploring capsaicin before going whole hog. In a vanilla context my lady had used some on her knee and somewhat up her thigh for chronic pain. Incidentally it did work for that. We both forgot about it until a few minutes after some incidental contact on the way in. In abbreviated form OMFG! barely touched it. Further, when it ceases to be fun, it cannot be washed off. Water activates it. I am not saying NO,but I am advising caution — and gloves for the lioness.

    1. Author

      Yes, we know. I have some but I hope Mrs. Lion will use extreme restraint.

  2. Author

    Sounds like you love the hot stuff so do I sometimes. As for capsaicin if you do need to wash it off dove dish soap works wonders and a lot of water trust me getting that sprayed in your face and eyes and having to run an obstacle course like that you learn what gets rid of it.

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