Monday was either very good for Lion or very bad. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. He spent the day in diapers. He spent part of the evening in the sling. He got pegged. He got menthol on his balls. And he got edged. Win-win-win-win-win. Or lose-lose-lose-lose-lose. Perhaps even some combination of the two. I think he views it as a good thing.

Actually I can’t tell you the last time Lion had so much attention on one day. I didn’t plan it that way. He was just supposed to be in diapers. Then I remembered my promise to use the sling more often. It sort of went from there. For some reason I feel “pressure” to do more to Lion when he’s in the sling. It’s like I have him all dressed up and we can’t just go to a burger joint. We have to find some place nice to eat.

It’s sort of strange. Being in the sling itself checks off a box on Lion’s kinky list. He’s tied up. Mr. Weenie has already gotten the signal that fun is coming. Any one of the things I did last night would suffice. Maybe it’s because I perceive it as extra “trouble” going downstairs and getting him locked in. I hope to change that mindset by doing it more often. I hope it becomes as normal as snuggling. Nope. As normal as watching TV.

I’m afraid tonight will pale by comparison. I’ll have to find the blindfold. I’ve been talking about using it again but I’m not sure where it wound up in my last round of cleaning. I also thought about spanking Lion the other night. I’m not sure why I didn’t. I guess when it came time to play I’d forgotten. Well tonight will either be a play spanking night or a blindfold night. Wednesday is sling day again.

Whatever we do, I think Lion will enjoy himself. Maybe not right at that point in time but he’ll enjoy the attention.


  1. Author

    Wow do i ever enjoy how You & Caged love each other and care for each other.
    Hope You both have a great night and may your continue to have many fun and wonderful times

    1. Author

      We always have fun. We are best friends and soulmates. Thank you for the good wishes.

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