Yesterday I missed doing a post, in part, because I was achy, annoyed and anxious. Hence the name of the post. Today I’m the regular amount of achy, not annoyed and not particularly anxious. I even came up with ideas for dinner tonight and dinner for at least one night this weekend. Woohoo! It’s like I’m like a new person. When I get too achy, especially for days on end, I just want to curl up in a ball.

Luckily for Lion, our days of feeling yucky seemed to match up this time around. He was very horny last night and, even though I was very achy, I managed to torture him for a little while. I’d say I was within a fraction of a stroke away from going too far. A few times he gasped and his face crinkled up but he didn’t actually come. Not even a ruined orgasm. I consider myself very lucky. I really don’t like ruined orgasms. I’m sure Lion will tell you he hates them more than I do and he’d probably be right. But I’m a close second on that count.

I’m hoping (no promises) that we’ll be able to play in the dungeon this weekend. I haven’t had Lion’s butt in the sling in months. It offers the best opportunities for pegging. He’s splayed out with his butt toward me and I have unhindered access to his ass. I have unhindered access to everything. It’s not ideal for spanking, but I’ve done it before. He’s definitely at my mercy.

The sling may be a little too uncomfortable for Lion at this point. I can always just fasten his feet and leave his hands free. Or I could fasten his feet and tie his hands together at chest level. My concern is with Lion’s arms being fastened above his head. That position could pose problems for his healing shoulder. Oh, I know it’s technically healed enough, but even when he’s not restrained in bed and he just wants to hold his arm over his head, he needs to move it down because it gets sore. Not to worry, Lion. I’ve been paying attention. We’ll work something out. There are plenty of ways to secure a Lion, in a sling or not.