I’ve been perfecting my edging skills. I’m not sure but I think Lion is positive I’m going to go all the way this time. No, this time. It must be this time. Of course each time I do it I’m positive I’m going to go too far and I’ll have to salvage the orgasm. I know nothing bad will happen if I go too far. Lion won’t divorce me. The sun will come up in the morning. But it makes me nervous. I have a plan for how the session should go and I don’t want to make a mistake.

When I’ve gotten him to the edge a few times I usually back off a bit. I’ll start in like I’m going up to the edge but then I stop well short. And then I start back in again. Are we going to the edge this time? Maybe. I’m keeping both of us on our toes. And we all know I can change my mind at any time and go for the full orgasm.

The best part about making Lion into a quivering mass of Jell-O is that even if I go too far we can try it all over again in a day or two. It’s like a perpetual do-over. Well that technique didn’t work so well. I wonder if I tweak it just a bit. Maybe I could try it this way. Nope, I’ve got a better idea. An orgasm is like a reset button on a video game. Even if you make it to the end of a level, you can always do it better. The best part is that Lion doesn’t mind if I hit reset. He’s game for another go in a day or two.

I bet Lion never thought of himself as a video game. But I do sometimes call Mr. Weenie a joystick.