True To Her Word

lion's bondage sling
This is our sling (to see me strapped into the sling, click the image) Mrs. Lion has full access to my butt, balls and penis. It’s perfect for spanking, pegging, and playing with my cock and balls – all front and center.

Last night Mrs. Lion did exactly what she said she would do in her post yesterday. She plugged my butt with the Njoy plug and then after a couple of hours with the plug still inside me, teased me and edged me quite a few times. Her headache hasn’t returned, but she still isn’t fully up to her old self. She also used rope to tie my cock and balls tightly before I was hard. She tied my cock so it was stretched quite long. It didn’t hurt, but the head turned an interesting shade of blue-red.

I thought that I had lost much of my interest in sex over the last few days. Clearly that wasn’t true. My Jail Bird will arrive at Mature Metal tomorrow and hopefully it won’t be long before I get it back with the new base rings. I have to admit that I miss my cage. It is nice to pee at a urinal with confidence, so being wild isn’t all that bad.

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Tomorrow promises to be interesting as well. Mrs. Lion plans to put me in the sling and then do some spanking, pegging, and who knows what else. Tomorrow is also my scheduled orgasm day, so that might also occur in the sling.  The sling is surprisingly comfortable. It gives Mrs. Lion great access to my ass for spanking and pegging, and as you can see, my penis and balls are front and center as well. By adjusting the height (simply take up or use more links in the chains), she can put my anus at just the right height for a strap-on if she wishes. So far she hasn’t used one on me, but the sling makes me completely accessible. Perhaps she will take some pictures for your enjoyment.