Maybe Tomorrow

Saturday night was oral orgasm night. It was very nice. My wait was 12 days. There is a declining trend in orgasms for me. My wait has been increasing. That’s fine with me. There is no real method behind Mrs. Lion’s decisions when I get to ejaculate. We’ve been practicing enforced male chastity long enough for me to essentially forget the days when I decided when I would come. At this point I really don’t care. Orgasms are gifts from my lioness. I’m very happy when I get one.

Every so often Mrs. Lion makes a reference in her posts to riding me and letting me have a vaginal orgasm. So far in 2017 I haven’t had one. Most recently she said that she didn’t want me to “waste” my semen in her vagina. She loves the taste. I can’t argue with that. I would love to serve her more.

Yesterday, I was very tired. I think the allergy medicine and decongestants I’m taking are making me very sleepy. Ironically, at bedtime I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep. My energy is very low. At times like this it’s very difficult to come up with anything to write.  Then, why am I writing? Because it’s what I do.

As that famous fortune cookies says, “The secret of patience is finding something to do in the mean time.” Sexually, that means edging and BDSM play fill the gaps between ejaculations. The gaps aren’t exactly evenly spaced. The biggest gap is between the latest ejaculation and the first edging session. Depending on what else is going on, that gap can be anywhere from one to three days.

I haven’t figured out what to do during this gap. Of course, I have a busy life and I’m not bored or depressed. But when it comes to the blog, I find myself struggling for things to say. I’ve considered saying nothing; just skipping posts until my sexual temperature rises again. But that isn’t what I want to do. There are other things to discuss.

For example, I wonder if my reduced interest in sex causes Mrs. Lion to lose interest in the non-sexual aspects of our power exchange. Am I in no danger of wearing panties when I’m not in heat? Are these first days after ejaculation a sort of vacation for Mrs. Lion? I  hope not, but I suspect it is. Our sexual relationship is strictly one-way. So when I’m not all that horny, Mrs. Lion can relax and do things of more interest to her. One day I hope to change that.