bondage sling
The sling that’s been the scene of so much of my pleasure and pain.

I’m at that time when it’s going on two weeks since my last ejaculation. I think more about sex. Mrs. Lion is also considering when she should end my waiting. I am torn between a desire to come and the truly exquisite sensation of escalating heat as each day goes by. My balls are not turning blue and I am not in pain. Delayed ejaculation isn’t physically dangerous for any male.

What do I want? Do I want to try to influence Mrs. Lion’s natural inclination to let me come? Or, do I want to encourage a longer wait to continue the fun?

I know, I know, my horniness will grow after Mrs. Lion gets me off. But it takes a few days to get me deeply interested in release again. It’s a delicate balance. Carried to an extreme, I could just want to delay ejaculation for weeks or months just to put off that day or two of refractory time. That makes no sense at all. I’m trying to decide what does make sense.

I prefer that when I do get to ejaculate, it is something of an occasion. No, I don’t need fireworks or even a small banquet to celebrate the end of celibacy. I better be careful or Mrs. Lion will interpret this as only getting me off on major national holidays. But I like more than our routine edging session. On the other hand, I don’t want to be able to predict that the orgasm is finally at hand based on what Mrs. Lion does. Another dilemma!

Actually it isn’t all that contradictory. For example, if Mrs. Lion puts me in the sling (Yes, sweetie I can do that now) and then tortures me and teases me, I will be super ripe for that ejaculation. I might even expect it. Ah hah! If she just edges me and grins evilly, I will discover that the sling doesn’t always signal orgasm. The ability it gives her for extended teasing is almost too good to end with me squirting. That’s the sadist in me talking.

In a way I’m suggesting that I earn release. I can earn it by enduring painful play without complaint. Or, by extended edging perhaps accompanied by a long pegging session. Thinking about this concept is turning me on now. I may be asking too much. Mrs. Lion is generally tired and achy. Asking her to do more just to improve my release is greedy of me. Just sayin’.


  1. Author

    What a dilemma .But you win witch ever way it go’s .Have fun?

  2. Author

    I completely relate to everything you have said here. I want release, but I don’t. I want her to determine when I get release, but then I don’t want to stop the ride. Unfortunately, my wife is also generally achy and tired and is not so inclined to make the effort to tease me, even though she really does love to tease more than anything.
    I also crave enduring prolonged painful play and can not get enough of pegging since it only happens once or twice per year.
    My wife has a concept that I have not had on orgasm in a while, but she really doesn’t know how long. I do have a calendar for that so I know it is 3 weeks, but I have gone as long as 3 months one time.
    In my “be careful what you wish for” fantasies, I find it very hot to imagine not being allowed to orgasm for a full year. I can really scare myself with thoughts of never being allowed to orgasm again, although at my age, that will eventually become reality.

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