In Praise Of Short Chastity Devices

jailbird chastity device
This is me in my 1-1/4″ cage. My flaccid penis is actually considerably longer (image, below left). The penis retracts nicely into the cage. The short length forces my urethra to protrude, which makes peeing easy, even standing at a standard toilet.

Over the last four years a lot has changed in the world of enforced male chastity. For one thing, I see a lot less about basic device fitting. Better yet, there is less about chastity device security. I’m not just talking about The Journal. In general, these discussions seem to be much reduced. Another significant change has been a more general acceptance of short cage length.

A lot of men now realize that it is almost impossible to get a cage that is too short. Cage diameter, however, is much more important. A cage that encases the diameter of your cock like a glove, can be a short as you like. My cage is only 1-1/4 inch in length. The diameter is the same as the length. The measured penis diameter is 1-1/2 inches. I’m completely comfortable in it. I’m sure I would be fine with an even shorter cage. The key is that the end of the cage should bump firmly against the head of your cock at all times, even when sitting.

lion' penis
This is my flaccid penis. It comfortably lives in the short cage (Above, right).

Contrary to common knowledge and instructions by the chastity device companies, your cage doesn’t need to be any longer than mine. No matter how long your flaccid cock measures, it compresses nicely and retreats into your body as needed. You can see by the two images that my flaccid penis (left) is substantially longer than my cage (right).

It’s true that my flaccid penis is shorter than some, but you can see that compression isn’t really an issue. Interestingly, when I try to get hard, the shorter cage creates no discomfort. It never wakes me up. I think that the tighter fit doesn’t give the erection a chance to grow, so the cage remains in position and I am comfortable. If the erection can pull the cage and ring away from your body, it will be uncomfortable.

Sometimes I do get “grill marks” on the head of my penis from pressure when it tries to get hard inside the cage. Those marks disappear quickly when I am released from the cage.

I’m convinced that short is really best when it comes to chastity devices. If you don’t believe me, you can order an inexpensive device that is almost exactly the same size as mine. You can find it here. It costs less than $29. It’s a small investment to see how it is to live the short life.


  1. Author

    I certainly understand this viewpoint, and it is remarkable how much of an erection can be forced into the abdomen without much discomfort. However, my experience has been a bit different.

    I started out with a Lori tube that included a testicle ring, and the total length was about 1-1/2 inches, and although it looked comfortable, in fact is was not. In the vernacular, I’m a “shower”, so my flaccid penis is already about 4 inches long.

    Like so many other things, especially sexually, the breadth of variety among penises is truly amazing!

    1. Author

      I’ve tried at least 4 lori devices made for me to review. None were wearable for more than a few hours. Try pushing your flaccid penis back into your body. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to collapse. It may not work for you, but investing in the cheap Chinese cage may surprise you.

  2. Author

    I completely agree, I wear a device in similar size and I can leave it on for much longer durations. I can exercise and do any activity without it chafing or causing any discomfort.

  3. Author

    I look forward to trying this and seeing it it works for me. I have doubts, but that is natural. I look forward to testing your theories, but that’ll have to wait until locktober is over. I doubt she will let me see my penis this month.

    Thanks for the info! Now, some testing. And writing it down. For science! 😉

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