The Lion weather is very warm today. He’s horny. And he’ll probably stay that way until he gets home. Unfortunately, something in the house is still making his allergies crazy. Last night we could only snuggle for a bit before he had to move so he could breathe better and scratch. I vacuumed and tonight I’ll change the bed to see if that helps.

I think we could both use a good night’s sleep. Being tired never helps anything. The weather has been windy and rainy. Two things I’m not at all fond of. I don’t mind drizzle. It’s the rain I can do without.

At this point it’s useless to make any plans for play. We really do have to take one day at a time. And perhaps even one hour at a time. Lion has been very good at following rules. He waits for me to eat. He tries not to interrupt. He hasn’t spilled food for a long time. He’s naked as soon as he hits the house unless he needs a t shirt or if someone is coming to the house. He’s been a very good boy.

One of the things I enjoy about Lion’s being naked is when he bends over in front of me. I get the yummy view of his buns and his balls. I always tell him what a nice view it is. He’ll say I can have it any time. All I have to do is tell him to bend over. What fun is that? I like the spontaneity of it. It’s nice when I look up and realize I’m being mooned.

Another perk to having a naked Lion is that I can rub his buns or balls whenever I feel like it. Is he standing at the stove stirring something? Rub his buns. Is he standing in the bathroom brushing his teeth? Run his balls. It’s good to be in charge!

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    For a long time I have been curious about Lion’s nakedness within the house precincts. ( .. he is naked as soon as he hits the house ….) From reading your blogs I am guessing that you live either in Oregon or Washington (State), which for a significant part of the year are pretty cool (if not cold). Does this mean that Lion has to put up with the cold or do you run central heating most of the time during the non-summer months?

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