My view of chastity devices has changed radically over the last four years. When I first started writing for this blog in 2014, I thought of the male chastity device as a tool for female domination. It took away my ability to have an orgasm unless Mrs. Lion unlocked me. That was a hot, but naive perspective. I wrote about my amazement that men always originated the idea of enforced chastity. I should clarify that to mean the locked male starts things off.

I rationalized this by claiming that since enforced chastity is consensual, the potentially caged male is the logical initiator. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Generally, women don’t spend very much time thinking of their partner’s penis. It’s just not top-of-mind for them. If they think about it at all, they think about how it is used sexually.  Flaccid penises aren’t all that interesting to either sex.

The fantasy is that the woman wants her male caged so she can be sure his penis isn’t involved in any sexual activity without her direct permission and supervision. The chastity device assures this. That does sound reasonable. It isn’t.

What that says is that women don’t trust their partners to keep their hands and weenies to themselves. The key is trust. Why would a woman marry a man she can’t trust? Well, it’s true that a percentage of me (and women) cheat and have sex with others. Often discovery of this indiscretion ends the relationship. If he cheated, does locking his cock in a chastity device provide a way to stay together?

Some guys claim it does. But, of course, it doesn’t. It comes down to trust. For her to stay in the relationship after sexual betrayal, there have to be many good reasons. It could be that she doesn’t want to break up the family, loves him enough to forgive him, etc. It’s never that he lets her lock his cock up so he can’t cheat. She needs to trust that he won’t do it again.

As you probably know, the standard chastity device can be escaped. Even with a piercing to lock it on, a determined guy can get out. Most of us who wear them carry an emergency key to get it off if necessary. That makes sense because the device is on your penis because you want it there. You asked to be locked up. Your partner realized it would make you happy to wear it. She (or he) is happy to let you believe you’re wearing it to assure that you adhere to a power exchange. I believed that for a long time.

I never tried to take mine off. I was the one who wanted it there. Mrs. Lion plays the game because she knows I like it. Since my surgery, I’ve been wild (not locked in a device). Initially, it was because sitting to pee was too difficult for me to manage with an injured shoulder. Later, I came to the realization that my adherence to enforced male chastity has nothing to do with the device. It’s about my obedience to Mrs. Lion’s wishes.

I’m not allowed to masturbate. There are no exceptions to that rule. Mrs. Lion has been very clear that she considers masturbation as a form of infidelity. It turns out that this rule has nothing to do with any desire I may have about being controlled. It’s something she is very serious about and has nothing to do with submission or chastity. She trusts me to obey it. The last time I masturbated was in early January 2014 when she had me jerk off while she watched. That was it, the end, finito.

I remain wild. Mrs. Lion or I can change that at any time. She may lock me up because she decides it will be more fun for me if I am caged. I may ask her to do it again for the same reason. I know she has said she will lock me up for punishment. I am very sure she said that because she thought the idea would be exciting for me.

There’s nothing wrong with asking to be locked up and then living the hot-to-me-at-least fantasy of being locked in a chastity device. If your partner is willing to be part of that, you are lucky. It’s even fine to actually believe that she wants you caged and under sexual domination. That’s super hot for me. But I think it is important to recognize the underlying truth too. All this penis stuff tends to be male in origin and practice. Our partners participate out of a desire to make us happy.

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    Due to a severe groin injury I have been uncaged for some time now. That does not change a thing in our chastity lifestyle. I too am absolutely not allowed to masturbate or play with myself. She may occasionally tell me to play with myself while she is watching something and will tell me to quit. Trust is what makes it work. You are so right about that.

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