It is Work

Lion has asked me, at various points along our journey, if I like edging him or if it’s just a chore. Last night, as I was edging him, I came up with a better answer: Yes. I like edging him and it’s a chore. Not a chore in the sense that vacuuming or doing the dishes is a chore but it is work.

Think about it. I have to provide the right grip at the right speed at the right time. I have to watch for clues that signal an impending orgasm so I can slow down or speed up or stop suddenly. I have to tickle his balls or massage them or grab them at the right time to get the desired effect. And then, when I do stop short, I have to decide when to start again and which grip and speed to use. This is assuming I’m doing things by hand. By mouth is even trickier because I can’t see his face easily.

I was also thinking about how much I like giving him this pleasure that stops just short of being orgasm pleasure. As much as he has to fool himself into thinking this time is it, he’ll get to come and won’t that be great! I have to fool him into thinking it too. In my mind, I’d have a harder time getting him to the edge if I told him ahead of time he wasn’t going to go all the way. I may be wrong, given his post, but I think it’s better to have him think he’ll make it than to take away all hope from the outset.

There may be some days that it seems like more work than others. If he’s having a difficult time getting hard or he’s hard but I can’t quite get him to the edge, then I wonder what I’m doing wrong. Is it not the right grip at the right speed at the right time? Maybe my mouth is sore or my neck is aching. Do I stop? Is he close just as I’m ready to quit? I don’t like to stop unless I ask if he’s ready to stop. I’m not going to give up but I don’t want to annoy him by continuing when he doesn’t feel he can.

Yes, I like it and yes, it’s work. But if you do what you love then you never work a day in your life.

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    Bless your heart Mrs Lion. Personally,I think you’re a gem. None of us guys are 18 anymore, but we’re still doing it! Tell me truthfully, has Lion got a cock cage he can’t escape from? I can break out of the 3 I’m using. Best wishes to You and Mr. Lion.xx

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