Perhaps Lion is feeling better. He was horny last night. I edged him a few times and considered giving him an orgasm but I didn’t. I reasoned that he couldn’t possibly be that horny since it was his first night of being horny after a dry spell. Besides, no matter how many days it’s been since his last orgasm, he can wait one more day. And then one more day. Et cetera.

I’m sure Lion isn’t looking forward to a long wait and he probably won’t have one. He agrees that waiting makes it better. That didn’t stop him from announcing that it’s been nine days since his last orgasm. I doubt I’ll make him wait another nine days. I just want to be sure he’s sufficiently horny. How can I tell? I think I’ll know.

Lion does not have a poker face. If he doesn’t outright tell me by giving me the Lion weather report, he gives himself away by scooting himself closer to me on the bed. He also whimpers. And sometimes he even gives me this sideways look that I assume is supposed to be seductive. They are all designed to make me laugh. And, of course, they let me know he needs some attention, preferably an orgasm.

Yesterday, to make me laugh, he reminded me about ten times that it was punishment day. He hadn’t forgotten. He remembered. It didn’t slip his mind. Silly boy.

I’m assuming he’ll still be horny for the weekend. We can have some fun even though he’s still stuffy and coughing. Fortunately, his nose and mouth aren’t the parts I need to tease.