Hair and Nails

Lion’s post seems to have generated quite a few comments. I don’t mind if Lion has hair or not. I never really thought about it until I met him. And the decision was already made for me. He was, and is, hairless for the most part. There are areas the laser can’t control well so I go through every few weeks and keep the weeds down to a minimum. At this point I think it would look funny if he had fur in certain areas and not in others.

Ironically, he likes my hair. I don’t know what the situation was with other women he’s been with in the past (and I don’t care) but he didn’t like it so much when I surprised him once by shaving. I figured he’d like me with no hair since he has none. Nope. It’s just as well because I didn’t like me with no hair and I can see it being a giant pain in the ass, no pun intended, to keep it shaved. It’s a giant pain to keep pits and legs shaved.

So here we are, a hairless Lion and a hairy Mrs. Lion. It’s probably backwards by today’s standards. But then a submissive male and dominant woman aren’t necessarily the norm either. And I’ve never been known to follow and current trends. I drive a pickup, wear jeans and sneakers, hate dresses, don’t wear make up, and, if my sister is to be believed, I walk like a linebacker. Dainty!

Right now, aside from obvious anatomy, the girliest thing about me is my long hair and I just started growing my fingernails. I grew my hair because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it and I like being able to make a pony tail to get it out of my way. And Lion likes long hair so it’s stayed. Every so often I threaten to shave it all off. The fingernails I’m not sure about. I like them short but every so often I let them grow. I’ll keep them until they break, bother Lion or I just get sick of them.

Later today I’ll do a Lion inspection to see if he needs any manscaping done. I didn’t feel much fur last night when he got his orgasm, but neither of us was concentrating on hair then.