Lion Training – Phase 2

manbeggingAfter my post yesterday, Mrs. Lion and I had a little talk about continuing our FLR with punishment. This talk took place after I was spanked for breaking a rule. Mrs. Lion commented that my bottom wasn’t very pink. I had no response to that. I asked her about my post that questioned whether or not we should continue our FLR with discipline. She answered,

“We aren’t stopping.”

Those three words say it all. We aren’t stopping.

Fair enough. I wonder if that means I go back into my Jail Bird too. I’ve been wild for a while now. I really like the ease and comfort of peeing without risk of accidents. I like the access to my penis. I don’t masturbate. I’ve been trained not to. Think about it. A male trained not to jerk off…ever. Well, it’s true. I admit that I can, on rare occasions, make myself hard. But I never go far enough to even edge myself. Years of wearing a chastity device worked. I’m sexually trained.

I expect I will continue to wear the Jail Bird. There’s no strong reason not to wear it; it is an unmistakable sign of my submission. On the other hand, being wild is a lot less trouble for me. Mrs. Lion will decide what will happen.

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Lion’s post hit the nail on the head. She understands me very well. Most interesting to me were her comments about making more rules. She wrote:

“I’ll have to come up with some more rules for Lion to follow. They have to be something of some consequence, like his interrupting me. What else does he do that annoys me? I’ll have to think about that. There are a few options. It’s all a matter of whether I want to actively work to change them.”

That statement shows we have moved from the let’s try it out phase to Mrs. Lion seriously working to train me. She recognizes that making rules for me, represents a serious effort to change me. I’m really being trained!

This is a profound realization for me. I work hard to avoid getting food on my shirt (that’s a rule). A mistake brings me pain. That is the most trivial rule, actually designed to make sure I get punished regularly. Another rule is that I must wait for Mrs. Lion to either eat first or give me permission to eat.  Initially, I thought this was a trivial rule like spilling food on my shirt, but it isn’t. This rule requires me to pay strict attention to her and wait for a signal in order to eat. This is actually as serious as interrupting. Breaking it shows disrespect. Interrupting is my most serious rule. It upsets Mrs. Lion when I do it.

You really can’t train me to completely avoid spilling food on my shirt. Yes, I’ve learned to be more careful, but it will happen. Punishment for this is more a reminder that I need to pay attention to what I’m doing. Eating first and interrupting are much more serious and deserve harsher punishment. As of now, I can’t tell the difference between punishments for different offenses. Perhaps the punishment needs to be much more severe for behaviors that truly need changing.

We’ve talked about this before and Mrs. Lion agrees. I suggest that maybe we need to make two small changes: First, it would help if before and during the spanking that Mrs. Lion tells me why I am suffering. If she wants to change my behavior, telling me how I can avoid more pain is appropriate at the time I am being punished. The second suggestion is to make behavior-changing punishments more severe, and to be even harsher if I repeat an infraction too frequently.

Identifying new areas I can improve or amuse Mrs. Lion and then training me to change is clearly the next step for us. It won’t be easy.