Please Ma’am, May I Have Some More?

Lion is going to take it the way I want to give it.

Lion always seems to want more. He can’t help it. He gets excited. He wants harder spankings. He wants harder pegging. At least he does until those things are imminent. Then he’s not so sure. And during, he wonders what the hell he was thinking. Afterwards he may be mad, hurt, upset, in pain, etc. That’s how it goes with spankings. I haven’t really pegged him hard yet. I assume it will be the same pattern.

Yesterday we got two more dildos. As if Lion needs more dildos. We also went through our collection to see which dildos were similar in size to the Silk. It turns out a lot of them are roughly the same size. I chose one that is mostly smooth but has a head and one that is more realistic with veins and a head. One of them will be the lucky winner tonight when I peg Lion. Actually, Lion will be the lucky winner.

I haven’t decided if I’ll use the RodeoH again tonight. Since the dildos are the same size, there’s no reason I couldn’t use it. I’m just not sure I want to. I have more control with my hand. But if I don’t use the RodeoH I won’t get used to it. Of course there’s no rush to get used to the RodeoH. I guess it just boils down to my preference at that point in time.

Last night I whomped Lion with a bloodwood paddle. It was the shorter one with the larger head. On one side we’ve affixed the tread tape. For the most part I whomped him with the regular side. I only used the rough side for a few whacks. His butt took a while to get pink. Then it was very pink. I was nowhere near bruising him.

I did what I thought was a slow buildup. Then I threw a few harder swats in. And then a few more. At the end I hit him with a bunch of harder swats. Again, he could have taken more, but I was done with him. Then I made him stand in the corner for about ten minutes. He wondered why I didn’t make him sit on the stool. Sometimes standing in the corner is sufficient. As he said afterwards, his infractions weren’t really all that severe anyway.

I’ll have to come up with some more rules for Lion to follow. They have to be something of some consequence, like his interrupting me. What else does he do that annoys me? I’ll have to think about that. There are a few options. It’s all a matter of whether I want to actively work to change them.