I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a sign for our yard that says “Clothing Optional”. There have been a few UPS guys and at least one mailman who have gotten an impromptu peep show while delivering packages.

Lion doesn’t know why I’m naked at home. We’ve had this discussion before. When I get home from work I get out of my work clothes. Unless we’re going out, I either stay naked or grab an old T shirt. Ooooohhhh, sexy. An old T shirt. Yup. And there are usually a bunch of holes in it. I also usually leave my undies on if I have a T shirt on. But why naked at all?

The main reason is that I don’t have a lot of clothes so I don’t want to get redressed and dirty up clothes that don’t need to be dirtied up. I don’t have pajamas because we don’t wear pajamas to bed. The other reason is that I get hot. Sometimes even being naked and wearing slippers is too much for me. If I have a T shirt on it’s intolerable.

I’ll find some clothes that won’t be too hot. I’m not sure what Lion is looking for in terms of clothes for me. Do the T shirts work? If I wear shorts with T shirts, does that work? Clearly we’ll need to have a discussion.

As far as the kitchen spankings are concerned, I only remember maybe three or four times I swatted him in the kitchen. That doesn’t seem like enough to have made an impression on him, but apparently it did. There’s no reason I can’t swat him in the kitchen more often. Assuming he does something to warrant it while he’s in that vicinity, of course. Not that I want Lion to purposely do something in the kitchen to get a kitchen spanking. That would be willful disobedience and require more than a kitchen spanking.