rear view of lion
Lion in his uniform.

Sometimes Lion wonders why I’m also naked around the house. He has to be. I don’t. So what’s up?

I don’t even remember why I started it. I guess it was because we were always in bed or doing something sexual and it just seemed easier to be naked. At some points I think it’s because I don’t want to dirty clothes when I come home from work. I tend to be hotter than Lion so having fewer clothes on is a good thing. Other times I think it’s because we tend to hang out in the bedroom and being under the blankets together is more conducive to snuggling.

When I come home from work, I generally leave my undies on and put on a T shirt. It’s usually a ripped T shirt that isn’t good to wear in public anymore. I don’t care if it gets stained. I guess it’s the equivalent of women who wear sweatpants. Guys always think those are so sexy. Not. When I get too hot I take off the T shirt and, after my shower, the undies go away. Today is another snow day so I just have a ripped T shirt on.

I’ve tried wearing clothes around the house. Since we’re in the bedroom most of the time, my jeans tend to scrunch up the comforter. It’s not as easy to move around. It’s warmer in the bedroom so I usually need to shed clothes. I’m down to a T shirt and undies before long anyway.

Lion has said he likes when I wear clothes and he’s naked. I guess it shows that I’m more dominant. I’ve never donned any leather or lace and I can’t imagine doing so. I assume one or the other would be more of a turn on for him. Maybe not. He tends to like women with no make up who are outdoorsy. Maybe my ripped T shirts do it for him. [Lion — They do!]

The point is, I dress how I dress because it’s convenient for me. I’ve gotten used to Lion being naked and my being half naked. It works for us.