Seashore Spanking

spanked man
Last night Mrs. Lion spanked the tar out of me.

Friday night, I got chocolate on my t-shirt. Last night, Mrs. Lion let me know she was unhappy with my sloppiness. First, she tried OTK spanking on the couch. I just couldn’t get into a workable position. I kept slipping off. So we moved to the bedroom. She had me lie across the foot of the bed.

She went to work with a flexible, rubber paddle. She went on and on. I yelped and screamed. Finally, I had to call “Yellow”. Mrs. Lion backed off and quickly got back to very hard hits. I was kicking my feet and screaming into the bed. Finally she told me to get up. She had the punishment chair set up in a corner. It had the welcome mat material on it.

I don’t know how long I was in the chair, but the welcome mat material dug into my ass and the bottom of my balls. I can still feel the mats as well as bruises on my bottom. I’m sitting on a padded dining room chair. It feels hard on my bare buns. What a way to spend Saturday night.

Mrs. Lion is cheerful and seems quite pleased with herself. I’m feeling subdued. There’s no question I was punished last night. Bear in mind, this was for spilling on my shirt. I can only imagine how horrible a punishment will be when I actually upset my lioness.

Apparently the neighbors didn’t hear anything. No one came running to our door to see what was wrong. Maybe they heard me and thought I probably deserved my punishment. Lions don’t get much sympathy. That’s the penalty for being at the top of the food chain.

Friday night, Mrs. Lion edged me orally. I’m writing this after my punishment. I suspect I will get more edging tonight. Yesterday, was my seventh day waiting.

Enforced chastity is such a natural part of our lives, that neither of us mention it much. I’m wild now, but that doesn’t change anything. I am forbidden masturbation. Cage or no cage, I don’t jerk off. Mrs. Lion told me that I go back in my cage when we get home on Tuesday.

I’m sure Mrs. Lion will have a lot more to say about my beating in her post later.