Let’s Have A Rodeoh

rodeo strapon
This is a great improvement on the strap-on harness. It’s the Rodeoh dildo panty. It is a comfortable, secure way to hold a dildo for pegging.

From time to time we try anal play. It’s almost always been with a butt plug. I’ve been asking Mrs. Lion to use a dildo instead. I admit that the idea of pegging is very interesting to me. Mrs. Lion has said she likes this idea too. Butt plugs, due to their shape, aren’t very good for training me to take a dildo.

I don’t particularly like the feeling of a dido up my ass. But I really like the idea of Mrs. Lion fucking me with one; ideally with a strap-on.  The Rodeoh is a great invention. It is a secure harness built in to a panty. There are models to fit everyone as well as every diameter of dildo. I think this would work well for Mrs. Lion.

Pegging is something I like now, when I am sitting at the computer and feeling horny. When the time comes to be penetrated, I’m not that big of a fan. From my reading, this is pretty normal. Generally, pegging will provide sexual pleasure to the woman. The thrusting moves the base of the dildo against her clitoris. Many women report having orgasms when they fuck their husbands this way.

I wouldn’t be an honest reporter if I didn’t mention that many women also have their partners suck the dildo as well. This isn’t an attempt to train him to be gay. It’s an expression of power. If you have any experience with this, please leave a comment to this post about it. I understand the basic intent, but so far I haven’t been made to do this.

Mrs. Lion prefers to do anal play with me on my stomach or knees and she using her hand for the insertion or fucking. This is certainly her choice. I think it may be interesting for her to have me kneeling on the end of the bed. Then she can peg me wearing a Rodeoh. It may be something to try, I hope.

In the meantime, my request is to replace the butt plug with a dildo. I can roll over on my back and it will stay in. The dildo will get me used to larger diameter insertions. I am sure that before long, Mrs. Lion can peg me with one of our larger dildos. We have a good sized collection that gives her nice choices. I realize that anal play for me is performed because I requested it. It’s my hope that she can find a way to enjoy it herself. One reasonable possibility is with the Rodeoh on, she will get interesting stimulation while pegging me.

This may be one more case of me getting myself into a lot of discomfort while Mrs. Lion discovers a new, fun hobby.


  1. Author

    Lion — I enjoy your blog. We’ve been playing @ chastity for a few years — and pegging has been a big aspect — for the reason you eludicate — it reinforces the power dynamic in our relationship. We use a SpareParts harness for several years. Mrs. DH tried the rodeOH, but didn’t like it. In fact she called it “Underoos for Adults”

    I have zero interest in guys, so the power dynamic of being pegged or having to fellate HER strap-on is all about giving up a big part of my psyche. The enjoyment she gets is about enforcing her dominance and reinforcing my role in the marriage. Sometimes our play is sensual, sometimes, it is humiliating, and other times its a bit more violent. It really depends on what we both bring to the table on that particular day. She’s very good at reading me and understanding my needs, but at the end of the day its about US as a couple, and what we both want. A few weeks ago we had a session, and she knew I was emotionally exhausted so it was more sensual to start — but by the end it was much more physical than sensual.

    For me, the dynamic and emotion of a pegging session can leave me exuberant or in tears. Having someone (or some thing) physically occupy a space in your body is a huge thing, and as a guy you realize why when you were young sex was such a ‘big deal’ for a young woman and not just the physical gratification that we as guys experienced.

    1. Author

      I’m glad you enjoy our blog. I hope your partner does too. We’ve toyed with dildo play a bit, but nothing consistent or beyond anal. This is an area we tell each other we should do again. I like the underoos analogy for Rodeoh. I think in our case it might be a great starter. We really are beginners at pegging. If Mrs. Lion decides to add it into her bag of tricks, you’ll hear about it. I hope she does.

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    I am often asked to suck “her cock”. But she doesn’t peg me often. She seems to like it but doesn’t like the mess.

  3. Author

    I have a RodeoH “harness”, although we use it in a rather different manner: I use it to fuck my wife while she has me locked up. She finds that it provides 80-90% of the feeling of “real” sex, and I find it absolutely wonderful to be holding her so close while bringing her pleasure. Sometimes, I think I feel her even more because I’m not distracted by my (always impending) orgasm.

    In a development that’s a bit scary, the *only* time she’s ever had an orgasm during penis-in-vagina sex was when we were using this device…

  4. Author

    My wife has pegged me a few times in the last couple years. I liked it a lot. I bought a basic nylon strap harness with a straight dildo that fits in the harness, a bend over boyfriend style intro package.
    She has had me suck it beforehand which was good for making me feel very submissive and slutty. She has had me kneel on the end of the bed and taken me that way and she also likes to lie on her back and have me fuck myself on her cock.
    It is a real game changer for a man to feel what it is like to have someone (or their thing) be inside your body.

  5. Author

    It did not take long for my wife to engage in anal toys,I agree as a man it took time to become comfortable with penetration.I used a butt plug in order to “open up”When it came time my wife used a strap on for pegging. She loved her new role.It was a game changer when she wanted a male to fuck me.We do not see it as a “Gay”act.The men are Straight they are not into being fucked.They will fuck my wife and myself.The men will suck me while fucking my wife.I have given my wife full control to act out her desires.I am cool with her choices.

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