The $25 Personalized Spanking Paddle

new spanking paddle
We’ll hang this where guests can see it.

In a recent post I created the image of a paddle that had “HIS” on the business end and “HERS” on the handle. It is a good symbolic way to describe our relationship. I decided that this image should come to life. Consider it. We could hang this paddle where guests could see it. Vanilla people would ask what it means. We can jokingly reply that Mrs. Lion is the boss. The visitor will see the humor.

If the guest is kinky, the paddle will act as a secret signal that we might be too. A joking question like, “Do you spank him with this?” could prompt an equally light answer of, “When he’s naughty.” See? a secret signal.

small oak paddle
7.95 oak paddle from Paddle Trams.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this paddle. Well, you can get the oak paddle for $7.95 USD from Paddle Tramps. What you get is a beautifully smooth oak paddle that is a perfect size for over-the-knee spanking. Mrs. Lion loved the idea of actually having this paddle to hang in our camper or our home. So we took a field trip to the local craft store.

We found permanent-cement vinyl letters. We selected 1-inch black Helvetica. I would have preferred a slightly smaller letter, but this was the best we could do. We applied the letters to the paddle. On one side we have what you see in the image. On the other side, we put our real names in the appropriate locations. It wasn’t hard to do.

pour on epoxy
This is the high-gloss coating we used.

We thought that the letters wouldn’t hold on when exposed to spanking my butt. The paddle with just the stick-on letters also looked a little crude. We bought Pour On  high-gloss, epoxy finish. This is the stuff used to make those table tops with coins or pictures under the finish. The finish is not only very glossy, it is non-slip. That translates to the paddle “sticking” where it lands.

I used half of the 8 oz product. The process of applying the Pour-On is simple. However, you must follow the mixing instructions very carefully. This is a two-part product. Follow the mixing instructions to the letter. I used a piece of wire and hung the paddle from the hole in the handle. I used a disposable, 2-inch brush to apply the expoxy. I laid it on thick covering both sides and all edges. Be sure you have newspaper or something you don’t care about under the hanging paddle. A lot of the solution will drip off.

This product takes 48 to 72 hours to fully cure. I found that our paddle was usable after 24 hours. I’m sure it will continue to cure even though we are using it.

I’ve had a longstanding interest in creating something that would communicate our power exchange in a way that wouldn’t offend vanilla people who see it. I think this is perfect for that job, not to mention it is one mean paddle!

Last night, after admiring the workmanship, Mrs. Lion took the paddle for a test whomp. She liked the weight and heft. She was concerned that the edges weren’t rounded and could somehow cause a problem. I didn’t notice them and Mrs. Lion didn’t see any marks they created. She remarked that I got pink very quickly. She likes the paddle and promises to use it.

From my perspective, I could feel the weight and sting from the smallest starting swat. This is definitely an effective tool. The weight and the non-slip finish contributed to making my butt hurt from only a few not-so-hard swats. As I sit at my desk writing this, I can still feel the sting.

Of course, the unfinished version of this paddle provided many really painful kitchen lessons over the years. When you consider that you can create this attractive, personalized paddle for less than $25 and it provides pain so efficiently, it is a true bargain. We have a large collection of paddles made from exotic woods like bloodwood. I wouldn’t have guessed that this simple, oak paddle could work better than most of them.