The Shoulds

Penis in Jail Bird chastity device
This is where Lion stayed last night. He got spanked and put on his naughty stool. No sex. No unlock for any attention. (Click image to see larger)

Sometimes I get frazzled. Lion has a lot of ideas and sometimes he’s very adamant about them. I allow him to overwhelm me. When we haven’t been sleeping well and I’m tired it gets worse. The other day he was adamant about how to make the iced tea, how to cover the punishment stool, and that his balls need to be tied back through his legs when he sits on that stool. By yesterday morning I was done with suggestions. I didn’t want to hear what I should be doing. I didn’t want to look at any panties he found. It took quite a while to get back to normal.

Despite not wanting to hear anything, I did get suggestions that whomping his butt would make me feel better. I doubted it. It hasn’t so far. Why would last night be any different? Still, he did need to be punished for making me feel bad. He needed to know that what he was doing will not be tolerated. It may take me a day or two to get my legs under me, but he will be punished for making me feel bad.

We had a lot going on last night. A few chores needed to be done. A Lion needed to be whomped. And Lion was ever so helpful when he offered to forgo punishment so I wouldn’t be so busy. What a guy! I’d already decided he’d get spanked and then spend some time on the stool in the corner. I was thinking of soaping his mouth, but then I came up with an idea Lion would dislike more.

Hairbrush paddle

I whomped him with the hairbrush paddle (image, right). It’s a handy size, but heavy, solid wood one-half-inch thick. I got into his crack with it. His shoulder was hurting so I stopped a few times so he could get more comfortable. In the end, it probably wasn’t a bad spanking. No bruising. No blood. His buns were quite rosy though. I was concerned about his shoulder so I stopped. I brought in the stool (below, right) and put it behind the door. I told him to sit there in the corner and think about making me feel bad. And he should think about why he wasn’t going to be unlocked too. He’d told me he was very horny earlier in the day. I knew he wouldn’t want to stay caged.

Naughty StoolSilly boy that he is, later on he told me that I should have put him across my knee to spank him and that he probably shouldn’t ever be unlocked after a punishment. He really needs to stop with the “shoulds”. Wasn’t it “shoulds” that got him into trouble in the first place?

As predicted, it didn’t make me feel better to spank him. I’m still concerned with where I should hit and where I shouldn’t. How hard. How long. Plus, I don’t want to hit him when I’m angry at him. I know there’s little chance I’ll actually hurt him and I know he won’t hate me for hitting him, but I just don’t like the idea of hitting him when I’m angry. Call it one of my hard limits. Non-negotiable.


  1. Author

    In the last ten weeks, I’ve had 12 orgasms. Not that different, are we?

    In the last nearly-four years I have been out of my cage for a few months in total. Most of that time was between late April this year until June. I had shoulder surgery and dealing with peeing and bathing with the cage was too difficult. Otherwise, I am out less than an hour at a time for teasing or orgasm. I also get out for our camper trips which are generally three to five days.

    As you get more experience wearing a chastity device, you will find that the hardware is less important. I’ve been conditioned to never masturbate. Wearing the cage has more to do with my connection to Mrs. Lion and her feeling of ownership than it does with any real need to keep me out of “danger”. By my calculations, I have been in my cage more than 95% of the time in the years we have been practicing enforced chastity.

    In terms of “attention”, yes I get a lot. We don’t believe that enforced chastity is about length of time between orgasms or other sexual play. For us it is about the power exchange. Whether I come once a week or once a year, the decision is Mrs. Lion’s. I have no input about my sexual activity. To us, that’s what enforced chastity is about. I recognize that other couples believe that long waits work for them. If that’s what they want, great. Our approach is very well documented. 🙂

  2. Author

    It’s punishment day here too. However, that doesn’t mean I always get punished. I don’t think I have broken any rules since my last spanking. But I just finished a new paddle that I am sure Mrs. Lion will want to try.

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