Getting Priorities Straight

I need to make a to do list to make sure Lion gets “done”.

Lion has been a little snarky lately. It comes in conjunction with grumblings that I haven’t been consistent or “enough” in the play and FLR departments. Initially these seem like attacks to me. I think I’m doing well and suddenly I’m not. I mean, I know I’m not as strong as he wants me to be and maybe he’s just frustrated that I’m not progressing as quickly as he’d like. I know he needs a stronger hand than I am giving him, but I’m just not there yet.

It’s easy to say he needs to just suck it up and deal with it. 2.0 would. But she hasn’t been around much lately. For my part, I’m trying to deal with panties and punishment and corner time and anal play and everything else I “should” be doing. Lion is a full time job all by himself. Here I am, trying to work him in around other things like laundry and other chores. How silly of me!

I wonder sometimes how he would react if I suddenly became 2.0, or 2.5 for that matter, all the time. Within reason, of course. He’d still be autonomous in the areas he’s autonomous in now. But his ass would be mine in the other areas. Does he want to be my bitch, as Julie calls her husband? Does he want me to order him to do things? Does he want a bruised and bloody butt from punishment? Does he want me to dig a three-inch stiletto into his balls? Actually, I think a part of him does. (Not his balls in the case of the stilettos.) At least he thinks he wants to. I’m not sure what would happen if he got his wish. I guess I need to double down and give Lion what he thinks he wants. My baby steps don’t seem sufficient.

Today, for example, Lion is working from home. Last night I told him I wanted him in his hip hugger panties today. He had the choice of color. This morning he sent me a picture to prove he’s wearing them. He said they’re falling down. I told him we’d have to get him more panties because if they fall down they’re pretty useless. It doesn’t matter so much when he’s home but he can’t wear them anywhere because he has enough trouble keeping his jeans up without having to worry about his panties falling down.

He seemed somewhat excited that we’d be shopping for more. So much so that he’s off and running, looking for panties online and sending me links to what he’s found. Sheesh! Since when did “we’ll” look for more turn into “you” should look for more? Since it’s Lion. I told him I wasn’t ready to decide yet and I’d look when I get home. A line in the sand. I don’t do that often.

Perhaps it’s me that just needs to suck it up. Rather than be hurt by his grumblings that I should be doing more, I’ll take his advice and actually do more. He’d love/hate that. Let’s see how long it is before he grumbles that I’m doing too much.


  1. Author

    “Here I am, trying to work him in around other things like laundry and other chores.”??? What do you think a submissive lion is for? Put him in panties, have him do the chores. When he is done, tell him to come get you for inspection. If not up to snuff (and it’s ok to have extreme high standards here), then punish. Or if you want a little peace and quiet, or get annoyed by his insistence, have him stand in the corner for an hour, or write 500 lines “I must not harass Mrs. Lion with my selfish needs”. It’s an investment of minutes on the hour.

    1. Author

      I hope Mrs. Lion comments. From my perspective, If I interrupt at all, I am interrupting game playing on the iPad. I have never harassed Mrs. Lion for anything. We completed our Saturday chores before 3PM. At that time I didn’t ask for anything. For the record, I lost my cool on Sunday because I was unable to get a discussion going on the simple things that take no time at all. See my post, Secret Domination. One of our challenges is finding some balance in our power exchange. I do need consistency and Mrs. Lion agrees. But what that actually means is very uncertain. I’ve had demanding bottoms. I am not one. There are times when I need to know we are not just another vanilla couple.

      1. Author

        I only count interrupting when I’m talking, not on the iPad. We share chores and Lion does what he can since his surgery still makes many things impossible. I was joking when I said I was trying to fit him in between chores. We (I) do have problems with consistency. When I talk about Lion being demanding, it’s usually because I’m feeling pressure and that pressure is usually all in my mind.

        1. Author

          It doesn’t matter if he’s at fault or not. When you are feeling the pressure, you may take it out on him (e.g., “I’m feeling pressured. Shush lion. Sit facing the corner for an hour, it will make me feel calmer.”

          1. Author

            I’ll give it a shot

  2. Author

    Him: “Baby, I’ll do anything for you, you know that.”
    Her: “Great! The laundry’s piling up, the bedding needs changing, and the bathrooms need a good scrubbing!”

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