First Day of Spring

Mrs. Lion orgasms
After a long winter, Mrs. Lion orgasms by her own hand.

Mrs. Lion, still naked after her shower, walked into the bathroom and came out with a bottle of lube in her hand.

“Are you going to do it?,” I asked.

“Yes. I’m going to try.”

She moved her left hand between her legs. “Interesting,” I thought. “I used to jerk off with my left hand.”

I waited about a minute and then ordered, “Alexa, 25% bedroom.” The lights dimmed to a romantic glow.

“Alexa, play romantic music.”

Alexa replied, “Playing romantic music from the 2000’s” It is nice that I can give orders to something. Music of the 2ooo’s? Yeesh!

I caressed Mrs. Lion’s breast. My right arm doesn’t go too far since the surgery. I could only reach her right one. I massaged her side and gently moved toward her pubic hair.

After a few minutes she said in a somewhat apologetic voice, “This takes a long time.”

I worried she was ready to quit. “It takes a long time when I give you an orgasm. There’s no rush, we have all night.”

Mrs. Lion didn’t respond. Her hand kept moving. Good sign.

Another few minutes and there was a change. Mrs. Lion was somewhere else. She moved into a world of her own. I knew she would succeed. I also wondered who was making love to her in that private world of pleasure. Was it me? I hoped so.

Whatever signaled me that she had withdrawn from our space, also prompted an erection for me. I could feel the pressure in the chastity device. The root of my penis outside the cage was hard. I wanted sex! Oh yes, she was on the way.

I think that quiet energy is the sign she is in deep heat. She was ready to be entered.

Her hand worked steadily.

Another few minutes passed with her body completely still; the only activity her hand moving between her legs.

Then it happened. First a guttural grunt. More quiet. Then that wonderful song she sings when she comes. It started then stopped. A few seconds later, it was back. She sang in full voice as her orgasm overcame her.

She sighed contentedly. She remained still for a while, then we talked. I asked her how she felt. She was happy. It felt very good. I asked her how long it’s been since she came this way before. She said it had been a very long time. It was a little odd that there was no kiss for me. She was still bathed in the glow of her trip to the top. I guess it wasn’t me who was with her there.

I was still hard inside my cage. I needed release too. She made a move to unlock me and give me a turn. I told her that she doesn’t have to do that. This is her night to just enjoy her orgasm. I didn’t need to take away from that.

I admit it. I was a little grumpy. I wanted to go to the top too. But that would be selfish. It was her night. She’s given me plenty of fun. She deserves to focus on herself this time.

A little later, she said she was sore down “there”. She said the lube wore off. I asked her if she remembered me telling her to put a couple of fingers inside. She was past hearing me at the time. When I reminded her I told her that, she said that she didn’t feel like it. I pointed out that I insert fingers not just to further excite her but also to bring natural lube up to her clit. She said that she had the bottle of lube. The lube wears off and gets sticky. Her juices never do that.

I smiled. Maybe I wasn’t the only one who could learn by watching her.

Of course, that’s not the point. Mrs. Lion gave herself an orgasm for the first time in many years. I hope this is the harbinger of her libido awakening. Spring may be coming at last.



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