Secret Domination

man wearing pull-up
These are the Depends Real Fit adult pull-up’s. This is what I wear when told to. You can see that from the outside it is low-risk for discovery. But when I wear one, I know what it is.

You may be wondering about me wearing panties and diapers. Both seem like rather exotic kinks and not necessarily related to enforced male chastity or domestic discipline. Do I have a secret need to be a baby or a woman? Absolutely not! Then why do it? Why write about it?

I’ll give you a hint. If I wanted to wear diapers or panties, Mrs. Lion wouldn’t put me into them. I know what you are thinking. Why did Lion suggest Mrs. Lion use panties and diapers?

Fair question. I want to feel Mrs. Lion’s power. She is in the beginning stages of learning to be dominant with me. She exercises her power in fits and bursts. Her role hasn’t become natural to her. Panty and diaper training are fairly easy to do and affect me as long as I wear them.  It would never have occurred to Mrs. Lion to put me into either.

If you’re a guy, you probably wince when you picture yourself in a wet diaper. I do too. Wearing panties all day probably has a similar effect. Starting to see where this is going?  Let’s consider a scenario. You are put in an adult diaper; actually disposable underwear. That’s what they call grownup pull-ups. When at home, you have to use the diaper to pee. You also have to use it if you are not at work. Sooner or later, you will pee while out shopping or something. You will have to wait until you get home to change it. Not fun. Right? Submissive? For sure!

That’s the point. You are doing something because your partner required you to do it. She can even make you wear it to work. Now, it would be pretty hard for me to change myself and dispose of the used diaper at the office. I could, but that might take things to a level I’m not ready to reach. But I could be required to wear one and pull it down to pee. that works without any serious danger of discovery. The thing is, I can’t not be aware I am in a diaper. I am constantly aware of Mrs. Lion’s power.

It’s not quite the same with panties. I am very aware of them when I am told to put them on or when I am wearing nothing but the panties around the house. But once I have pants on, I am only aware of them when I need to use the bathroom. Then, I am sharply reminded of who’s the boss.

There’s a theme here. I am being made to wear underwear I would never wear on my own. I am being made to wear them all day; sometimes all night too. Discovery would be horribly humiliating. Lots of risk. Oh boy! Exciting and very submissive! It has nothing to do with cross dressing. It’s all about obedience.

The real value of panty or diaper training is that it provides a long-term, humiliating form of domination without much input at all from the dominant partner. Both diapers and panties are inexpensive and humiliating ways to dominate your partner. By the way, even if you don’t have to use it, it’s impossible to forget you are wearing a diaper.

Only you and your partner know that under your clothes you are being secretly dominated. I think that’s a big turn on.