naughty lion tshirt
This is the t-shirt I designed on request of Mrs. Lion. When it arrives, I will have to wear it when I have punishment coming; even in public!
Now that we are in our fourth year of enforced chastity, it’s sometimes hard to remember that people brand new to this idea may be reading our blog. This came to mind when I read some (to me) interesting spanking ideas on Strict Julie Spanks, a blog that’s been around long before ours. She, of course, writes a lot about how she punishes her husband. They don’t practice domestic discipline. Her punishments are very strict.

Anyway, I started out reading her latest post and continued from there. I told Mrs. Lion about how she gives her husband 200 or more swats when she spanks him. She was incredulous. Remember, our punishment spankings were very hard swats from the first. I don’t think Mrs. Lion ever got up to ten. It turns out there was a lot more to the story. Julie answered an email I sent her on the subject and she explained that she warms up her husband and builds to very hard swats. Makes perfect sense. We were trying too hard to make punishment different from “play” spankings. When Mrs. Lion corrected her technique, she now hits me over 200 times every time.

My point is that incomplete information can ruin something that otherwise, would be wonderful. I’ve tried to prevent that problem with enforced chastity and domestic discipline with information pages on this site. You can access them by clicking on the menu items on the top of this page.

We keep learning new lessons. As bloggers, we can’t assure that when we discuss something we do that we fill in all the blanks on how it’s done. I should know that! I’m in my fourth year blogging daily. I couldn’t understand how anyone could take a spanking like the kind Mrs. Lion used to administer for 300 swats. I was trying to escape after only four or five. There was missing information. It was critical for our success. It wasn’t that the blog I was at fault. The missing information, it turns out, was in a post on Julie’s blog in 2012.

Similarly, it’s very likely that when you read our adventures there will be missing information that you might need to do what we do. I could suggest you go back and read all our prior posts. As of now, there are nearly 2,500 of them and well over a million words. Of course, I would be delighted if you do that. I read blogs I like from their inception. Most have less than a few hundred posts for me to read. I can do that over a few weeks. I don’t think I would even attempt to read ours from the start. That’s one reason we have the pages you can read from the top menu. I’m not going to claim they’re everything you need to know about enforced chastity and domestic discipline. But they are a good start in only a few thousand words. Take a look.


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    I actually just discovered your blog through Strict Julie Spanks. I look forward to reading up on your history!

    1. Author

      Enjoy the ride! It’s all here; the good and the bad and the ugly, like me in panties.

  2. Author

    When I first told my wife I was “interested” in cross dressing (although not to the point of wearing a wig or painting toenails. It feels more humiliating to wear stockings/suspender/panties/bra/skirts/blouse/ nighties. Don’t ask me why) she asked why and how long and what did I think I would get out of it.
    Rather than explain the buzz,the desire to be humiliated, the embarrassment ,the wish to be “punished” I said “let’s have a deal. Can we try it for say three months and then ,if you feel too uncomfortable, it stops. In return,for three months the house is impeccable because it will be thoroughly cleaned by your “maid Mary”
    That was about two years ago. We have expanded our repertoire with the introduction of a leather belt and the notion of rewards and punishment
    It’s satisfying. That’s an understatement.
    Recently we talked about a cock cage. And though I’ve read lots in justification of this implement ,neither of us has any desire to see one in action on me. She asked me “why is there so much stuff about male chastity and so little about chastity belts. Isn’t the logic the same?”
    So crossdressed about once every two/three weeks in our spic and span home,with marks on my rear end. Ah bliss !

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    Where did you order the T-shirt that’s pictured? My key holder was very taken with it and has decided I need to wear one

  4. Author

    You are going to wear that shirt in public? Now that is humiliating and embarrassing and so exciting. I wish you many hard spankings.

    1. Author

      She’s going to make me wear it in public. That is embarrassing!

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