Fuzzy, Pink Slippers

fuzzy pink slippers
I’m looking for a pair of these to give Lion. He’ll love them. Fat chance. 🙂

Last night I decided to do some reading. I selected one of the websites listed along the right side of our blog and it failed. No such place. Not found. Error. Not exactly the start I was looking for. I let Lion know and he researched a bit more. We don’t know when it disappeared, but Lion said it was a blog he liked a lot.

Undeterred, I selected another and read a bit. I also read a blog I’d found from my “mangerie” shopping. I’m learning all sorts of new words. The biggest thing I learned is that it’s fairly difficult for me to read things on my iPad. Games are one thing. Little candy pieces or the Scrabble board are much easier to see than a blog.

When I was snuggling with Lion, I mentioned that he should have fuzzy pink slippers. He said he’s sure I can find them if I look. And look I did. I haven’t found anything yet but I did stumble upon yet another crossdressing site that looks promising. Unfortunately, it’s another site that’s difficult to read on the iPad. I’ll have to invest some time on my computer, which will leave Lion alone and he hates that.

I may be getting a little carried away with dressing Lion up in pretty things. Maybe you think I’m not going far enough. I don’t really have any desire to change him into a sniveling she-male. I’m just anticipating the face he’ll make when I tell him to put on something frilly. It amuses me.

I told Lion I want him to bring the panties he already has along with him when we go camping this weekend. He can be pretty on vacation as well as at home. And when the other items come, he can be pretty on the Labor day trip too. So far I have no plans of making him wear pretty things on his business trips. That may be coming at some point, but not right now.