Hot Air Balloons

hot air balloons
What does this have to do with torturing Lion? You’ll see.

This may sound stupid, but there’s nothing new about me misunderstanding things. After a conversation with Lion yesterday, I finally understand the importance of reading other people’s blogs and how-to’s. He’s asked me to research things on my own for a long time. I have tried but I never get very far.

The problem, I told Lion, is that I’m not as gung-ho as the authors and (this is the bigger issue) I usually wind up shaking my head that people actually do X or Y because it’s so unbelievable. It must be the fantasy portion of the program and I am after real life stuff so I give up. However, if I suspend disbelief I might learn something.
I gave the example of reading an article about hot air ballooning. Written from the perspective of someone who wants to go hot air ballooning, I’d lose interest in the story very quickly. However, if I read the whole article, I might learn that the article mentions hot air balloon festivals and when they take place. While I have zero interest in actually going hot air ballooning, I would love to watch all these balloons take off and fly. I have learned a valuable piece of information – when and where hot air balloon festivals take place.

Similarly, if I read an article about spanking or male chastity, etc. that seems to be pure fantasy, I can still potentially learn from it. There may be mention of a particular technique or implement or some other item of intrigue that proves useful. The other day I decided to swat the inside of Lion’s crack while I was punishing him. I didn’t learn that from anywhere, but I could have. Had I read enough blogs or articles, I may have stumbled across it. (I told you my realization was stupid.)

Another example is how many man panties and man bras there are in the world. I may not be able to find exactly what I had envisioned but I can certainly come close. If I hadn’t gone searching myself, I’d have no idea there were sites dedicated to crossdressing. I mean, it makes perfect sense. Crossdressers have to get their things from somewhere. There isn’t a crossdresser store on every corner. But I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t gone looking for man panties and man bras.

I did, however, have another idea all on my own yesterday. Lion thinks I was on my iPad playing games, but I was actually looking for a shirt of some kind for him to wear. I wanted something pink and maybe frilly that said something to the effect of “I’ve been bad and I will be punished.” My thought process was that it will remind him that he has a punishment coming. It will also remind me since quite frequently he has to remind me to punish him. I couldn’t find anything that worked, but then Lion was on the case and he started working on a custom t-shirt. It’s pink with gray letters. Initially it had white letters but I thought that was a bit too noticeable in public. Yes, he will wear it in public when necessary.

We’ve also ordered some panties and a bra for him. One pair of panties is bright red and has fringe on the butt. It will give me a shade of red to shoot for as I attempt to go for longer and longer punishments.
Poor Lion. He says he wants to step back and not be the one suggesting everything. I don’t think he’ll stop even if I start coming up with things on my own. He just can’t help himself.


  1. Author

    I used to be the one doing the reading but now I love it that my wife, keyholder and mistress does her own reading. It shows she cares about the lifestyle as well giving her ideas. She often reads your blog before I do. It also gives us another thing to discuss and share.

  2. Author

    Agree with that last sentence, it’s a slippery slope of no return and I would not stop if I could.

  3. Author

    I have a black T-shirt (which i wear often) that says on the chest ‘Queen’s subject’ in red Gothic letters. Now that i am my Queen’s slave, am thinking of getting a similar T-shirt that says ‘Queen’s slave’. What about something like that for Lion?

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