Yesterday Lion interrupted me. Not once, not twice, but a few times in a row. I was trying to tell him something and he kept cutting me off. Finally I yelled at him. He says I pause too long between thoughts. At first I thought he was going to tell me I was wrong for doing that. Wisely, he said he’d have to learn to take that into account during our conversations.

After dinner and my shower, I told Lion it was time for his spanking. He said he still had sore spots from the night before. Oh well. It’s not my fault that I need to punish him again.

I did quick little hits and tried to avoid the bruises. I knew those weren’t really the sore spots, but they were the only evidence from the night before. I continued on with the little swats all over his butt. He was getting red and I was hitting harder as I went along. Neither of us counted, but Lion says there may well have been over 200. He called yellow a few times and I (hopefully) didn’t back off as much as the night before.

The thing I don’t really understand is where are the hard swats? If I’m peppering his butt with a million smaller swats, what happens to the big, full swing swats? Are they just gone? Can I sprinkle them throughout the punishment? Won’t that make him want to cry yellow? I understand the concept of building up, but not the concept of not having a big paddle whomping Lion within an inch of his life.

This morning, Lion said his butt was no longer sore. The soreness lasted only a few hours. And he said there is a part two for punishment that he’s looking forward to. In order for it to be memorable, he posits, he needs a secondary punishment. Corner time, soap in his mouth, something like that.

Can’t I try to get one thing right at a time? Why do I have to add in different elements at the same time? I’m hoping Lion won’t get himself in any trouble today so I can regroup and get my mind wrapped around corner time after the punishment swats are done. I did try it once, but I (thought I) was doing the swats correctly at the time. Now we’ve changed tactics. A Lioness’ work is never done.


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    Have you ever tried a gag or Intemented a no speaking policy or just for a specific subject for a 24 hour period, one it may give you the time you need and two the time may make him forget that he was so fixated on one idea he may jump to something completely different the next day, unless he is OCD like me and fixating on one thing all day long and building it up in my mind to the point it explodes, he my just forget or loose interest idk worth a shot.

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      Hi lm just new to your blog, which is really informative by the way Thanks so much for sharing your journey.
      I do apologize if you’ve covered this as I admit I haven’t had the chance to read all the past posts yet and don’t know your entire journey up to this point, but why if it’s a “punishment ” spanking does Mr Lion have any say at all ?

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        I don’t have any say. Mrs. Lion likes to put things in her sweet, gentle way. I do provide ideas. In this specific case, Mrs. Lion said she would give the warmup a try. If she finds that this technique doesn’t work for her, then she will go back to what she did before. The image in my post is proof that starting slower wasn’t any gentler than just a few very hard swats. The real proof of any punishment’s effectiveness is whether I repeat the offense. No matter what she chooses to do to punish me, if it works, it’s effective.

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    I am also new here…..but not to the DD lifestyle. Your frustration is evident, but just like Pez above, I too think you are being ‘managed’ too much. If the DD is F/m in nature, you should not be catering to his preferences in a punishment. In play? Yes. But not in a punishment.

    I also read that Lion thinks warm-ups are somehow necessary for a long punishment. Where on Earth did THAT come from? While everyone is different, a lot of DD practitioners I communicate with are just like me in that there is no warm-up to a punishment.

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      We’ve learned that whenever someone writes “should” in terms of something we are doing, the commenter is almost certainly not really practicing what he is prescribing. There are no “should’s” in domestic discipline or FLR. Every couple works out things for themselves. You use “should” quite a bit.

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        Hi sorry I wasn’t clearer I was talking about being able to use a safe word,but you answered in your reply above to Ken, it works for you. Iactually am a firm believer of warm-ups it usually allows the person to receive a lot more comfortably than if it’s just cold and sub space may be reached easier the more endorphins that are released but like Ken not when it’s a punishment as my own way is punishments are cold and ritualistic and usually….usually not something some wants to go through again. Then different horses for different courses or Lions in this case 🙂 you both seem to be on the same page most of the time and that’s huge.

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