We’re slowly getting back to where we were before my shoulder surgery. Friday night, Mrs. Lion edged me several times and then left me unsatisfied. I am still wild (no chastity device). I’m not sure when I’ll be caged again. The only difference between being caged and being wild is that when I am wild I can get an erection. I won’t masturbate without permission. I’ll never get that. Mrs. Lion wants to be the only source of sexual pleasure I get. So it’s a permanent “paws off” policy here.

We’re more interactive than some chastity couples. While I put on and take off the base ring, Mrs. Lion is the only one who puts the cage on and locks it; same for taking it off. My hands are to be off my penis except to pee and bathe. When wild, if I happen to get hard, that’s fine, but no manual encouragement from me.

If you like numbers (I do), here are some about me: In 2017 I have had 30 orgasms so far (2 ruined orgasms not in that total).  Of those 30,  19 were handjobs and 11 oral sex. My average wait time between orgasms is six days so far this year. My overwhelming sexual activity has been being masturbated by Mrs. Lion. All of the orgasms and teasing were in bed. No other locations were used. My last orgasm was on June 12, five days ago.

I think less about sex when locked up. I suppose that’s because there’s a barrier between me and my penis (Mrs. Lion’s weenie). It’s more frustrating to wait when I am wild. The temptation to masturbate is just there. Being wild is not a very easy state when I am this horny.

It isn’t that I dream of wearing that chastity device again. I love the convenience of being cage free. I also hate the sexual tension that goes along with having unfettered access to the penis. I know, there’s just no making me happy. Perhaps not. Part of this whining is that I’ve been unlocked more than a month. This is the longest time, actually longer than the sum of all other times, I have been uncaged in 3 1/2 years.

We are being extremely slow catching up with where we were in April.  We both want to make progress in domestic discipline. We haven’t done that either. I think that inertia has set in. While I may feel more challenged being wild, I like it a lot and I certainly haven’t encouraged Mrs. Lion to lock me up again. I’m sure she will. I’m not sure how we both can get moving on the other stuff.

I’m being a big wimp about spankings and strappings. I’m wriggling and asking Mrs. Lion to stop almost as soon as she starts. Since these are maintenance spankings, she generally stops when I ask. I’m not sure how to learn to take more gracefully. Maybe we need daily sessions, each one more severe or longer than the day before. After all, we don’t come from a corporal punishment background. It’s new to both of us. We need to learn how to do it. There are precious few resources we can turn to for help.

Somehow we’ll do it. Or more correctly, I will learn to handle it and Mrs. Lion will learn to be stricter. I’m also pretty sure I’m going to be caged before I can get myself into any trouble.



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    I’m happy to hear you’re recovering – shoulder pain is awful.

    Since you quoted numbers, I’ll quote mine. Not counting ruined orgasms, I’ve had zero this year. My sweetie imposed that in the middle of December last year.

    Today is release day, though she did not say when or how.

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