It’s Supposed to Hurt

I brought out the tawse again last night. I spoke about needing to practice and Lion didn’t seem at all interested; but he doesn’t have to be interested. I need to improve my technique and his butt is the target. So I whacked him a few times and he asked if I knew where I was hitting. Yup. (It was the same spot twice in a row.) I aimed for another spot. He gave me a “that hurts” kind of look. Well, duh. And I hit a few more times before he begged for it to be over. I wasn’t punishing him so there was no reason to do any more. Maybe I will practice on a pillow before I take another crack at him.

This morning he said I should hit him with the tawse again. I need practice hitting and he needs practice taking it. That is true, but perhaps he doesn’t really need practice taking the tawse. It is extremely painful and we are just starting punishment again. Maybe I should practice with the tawse on a pillow and practice with other implements on his butt. I could still use a floppy implement to get practice with those. Just not a tawse. We have other straps and floggers.

For the first time since his surgery, I edged Lion and did not give him an orgasm. He was very hard and wanted to come badly, but I left him hanging. He’s had a lot of orgasms in the past few weeks and I just decided maybe it’s time to make him wait for a bit. I don’t have a specific length of time in mind. You know me, I might give in tonight. I didn’t put the cage on because I forgot. When he reminded me it seemed silly to put it on because he reminded me. That might make it seem like he’s calling the shots. He’s not.

And now I’m wondering if it will be more difficult for him to wait for an orgasm when my weenie is right there in the open and just begging for relief. He can get hard. He’s not supposed to touch and he’s fairly good at not touching, but he has his moments. When I catch him he says he was just rearranging things. Uh huh. Right. How much rearranging does one need? Once an hour? Once every half hour? Every ten minutes or so? Pick a number. We’ll go with that and see if it holds up. I’ll be watching.

At some point I need to do some manscaping this weekend. Lion’s nether regions are starting to look like the one part of the lawn I haven’t mowed yet. All scruffy and overgrown. He’s been shaving his chest now too. I still haven’t decided if I like that or not. Unshaved, it tickles my nose when we snuggle. Shaved, there’s stubble. I’m not sure which is worse. I don’t like overly hairy men. Lion has never been overly hairy. I’ll have to let him know what I decide.