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This tag says it all. I belong to Mrs. Lion. There’s no question of that.

It’s going to be a while before I am locked into the Jail Bird again.  While I can dress and undress as well as unzip and use a urinal, sitting on a toilet and getting up again can be challenging. I’m improving at this necessary skill, but it is still difficult. Now that Mrs. Lion will be edging me again, avoiding illegal touching will be unaided by my cage. I can do it. It’s difficult at times, but I can handle it.

Wednesday night when Mrs. Lion gave me a handjob, I produced some semen. It wasn’t much, but since Mrs. Lion fed it to me, I can attest it was real and there was enough to make me grimace. Mrs. Lion thinks the narcotics stopped my semen flow. I haven’t taken any in several days. Maybe it just takes time. My pain level has been very low. That can also be a contributor. Orgasms feel the same to me whether or not I ejaculate. However, Mrs. Lion likes semen whether to consume it herself or feed it to me.

Before moving to this server, I had a widget that kept track of the date of my last orgasm and kept track of how long I waited between orgasms. Sadly, the necessary plugin for this feature isn’t available. Is this feature something you read and like? Let me know. I can do something to provide a similar feature if you want it.

It seems that many guys who are practicing male chastity like to keep track of their sexual activity. I keep a spreadsheet that records the date of each orgasm as well as how it was delivered. It also reports the wait between each one and the average wait I experience. I started it because neither Mrs. Lion nor I are very good at remembering stuff like this. There are times we want to know such things, hence the spreadsheet.

As a reader, is information like this interesting? I suspect it isn’t. A couple of years ago, I created an application that allowed readers to see the same data that is on my spreadsheet. Almost no one visited it. I wonder what intimate details of our lives are most interesting to you. Over the years we’ve gotten some feedback.  People have expressed interest in how are relationship is going and how enforced male chastity and domestic discipline affect it.

Mrs. Lion and I are happy to share this information. In fact, that is our top priority. Sometimes it makes us look inept or unfair to one another. We’re constantly learning. Both practices are intimate and vary widely between people who practice them. While we’re in our fourth year of all this, I think we are still beginners. We have a great deal to learn.

Yes, we have made changes that we both think have improved our marriage. But we have a lot to learn. We are committed to continue. My expectation is that Mrs. Lion will continue to evolve as a disciplining wife. I will learn to submit more completely. What we half-jokingly refer to as Lioness 2.0 represents the next step in our evolution. Mrs. Lion defines that as a stricter, more vigilant version of herself. 2.0 is interested in results from me and isn’t concerned how I feel about her methods.

I welcome this upgrade. I think I will get an increased sense of security living with 2.0. Make no mistake, the current lioness delivers a lot of pain when she spanks me. 2.0 will probably do that more often and more severely. I’m not looking forward to that. However, as I’ve been told, how often and hard I get spanked is up to me. Cold comfort for a poor, lion.


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    i do find it interesting knowing how long others are in. ive asked some other chastity slaves/subs how long they have been locked. had 1 tell me he was locked for 2 years, wow long time, after further discussion it was yes it comes off every Saturday do a cleaning and an edge and milk then back in. to me that’s not always on, id like to know how long the device has been on without any removal. milked ok but not at all able to remove. i do admire you and Mrs lion for doing it. i tried that with my wife (soon to be ex) and never went anywhere. so resorted to online play (no that didn’t cause her to be ex)

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    I find the orgasm counter interesting because is shows a more reasonable reality (in your case) than some of these once or twice a year statements. I think you said your average is 6.5 days which puts you at a little more than 50 a year.

    I have a speadsheet spanning the last 10 years of our married sex life (I like that stuff and it’s fun to say “last year today I did you from behind at that overlook” – as an example) but it is interesting to me to see how our sex evolves. As an example, last year my orgasms were unrestricted and I had over 200. As we were only 6 months into my submission, orgasm restrictions did not come up.

    Beginning this year, I have been restricted and have only had 47 for the first 5 months. That puts me at about 50% of 2016. of those 47, 7 were unauthorized. Just this week I put together a new spredsheet to track these and see if I could find a pattern. I average about 15 days between accidental releases. It is our goal for June to go 30 days without an accident.

    So, yeah, I like charts 🙂

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      Prior to my surgery, my 6.5 day average wait has held for the last two years. Even now, the 2017 average is just over 6 days. Neither of us care very much about how long I wait, just that Mrs. Lion is in control.

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        I like that approach. I have read things previously that say the farther away from an orgasm a man gets the more obedient he is. We haven’t experienced that – maybe we are not tuned in enough.

        1. Author

          I don’t think most guys get more obedient the longer they wait. I think that is a male chastity myth.

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    I keep records. If my Queen has her way I won’t have any type of orgasm until Jan 7, 2018. As of today, I’ve been 147 days since orgasm. She’s averaging more than one a day. So I like the data you provide. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I find I’m still horny and definitely still enjoying sex.

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      Your goals and ours are a bit different. That’s what makes things interesting to learn. ?

      1. Author

        Exactly! There’s no right or wrong way to do this journey. All that matters is that both people involved are finding value and enjoying the lifestyle. As you know I read your posts religiously. I love your contrasting views and while we do things differently, I still get insights and learn things.

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