Last night was the return of the porcu-Lion. I put twenty-one clothespins on my balls. He always looks like a porcupine when I do that. It was, by no means, the most clothespins I’ve gotten on him. The record is somewhere in the fifty-something range. I wasn’t going for a record. I was going for a happy Lion.

While I was putting the clothespins on and taking them off, I was stroking my weenie. I even edged him a few times. I noticed it was a little difficult to tell when he was getting close. Apparently I’ll need more edging practice. Lion doesn’t think I do, but he’s willing to take one for the team and allow me to use him as a test subject. What a guy!

Perhaps the best news from last night is the return of Lion cum. It was only a little and it was somewhat watery, but it was there. Yay! At first he didn’t think there was any, but he was convinced when I fed it to him. He is definitely on the mend. I guess it really was the narcotics that stopped his ejaculations. Now that he’s weaned off of them, we’re back on the right track.

I know Lion was wondering if he’ll go back in the cage once he’s producing semen again. I think being in the cage is tied more to his physical well-being that his sexual well-being. Can he maneuver himself well enough to accommodate having the cage on? I think not. He’s barely able to maneuver himself without the cage on. I don’t have an exact date or milestone in mind, but I think his recovery has to be further along than it is for the cage to go back on. However, I believe all other rules can be reinstated. Uh oh. Poor Lion.