Lioness 2.0 and 2.5

Thursday night Mrs. Lion snuggled and played with her weenie. I responded and she edged me once. It’s the closest we’ve come to normality since my surgery a month ago. It felt very good to me. It won’t be long before we are back to our full routine. Mrs. Lion will dust off her paddles and BDSM toys and the fun will resume. She’s told me that she is hesitant to punish me until my shoulder pain is controlled. Right now there is very little pain. She is concerned that the physical therapy (PT) will make things hurt so much that she won’t want to add to my trouble. My prior experience with PT for this shoulder, suggests that there will be pain but it will disappear within a day.

Her plan is to ease me back into male chastity and punishment for my transgressions. That’s a good idea. It may be a while before the chastity device goes on again. I need sufficient use of both arms to reliably sit to pee and adjust things during the day. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case for domestic discipline. That will resume soon, I’m sure. I wonder if Mrs. Lion will consider non-spanking punishments when we resume. There isn’t any real reason to change. Spanking is very effective with me. But she might consider add-on’s just for the hell of it (literally).

She might not. Punishment in our house is not a BDSM activity. It has a purpose: to correct behavioral mistakes on my part. That’s it. I could see her making some punishments fit the crime like mouth soaping for interrupting. But it’s completely up to her. Spanking is sufficiently humiliating and painful to be the all-purpose correction method. I’ll stop suggesting alternates. She is perfectly capable of finding instructions on any activity she chooses.

I wonder how difficult it will be for her to get back to her routine. It took a very long time to get where we were before the surgery. As lioness 2.0, she was committed to increasing her strict enforcement of rules. Will she continue meeting that commitment? I wonder how I will react to 2.0 working toward 2.5? Of course, my reaction has nothing to do with how she proceeds. I’m just curious.

In my mind, lioness 2.o is a change in Mrs. Lion’s behavior regarding strictness, punishment, and orgasm control. 1.5 is very sensitive to my reactions and will generally allow me to cause her to be less strict and a lot less painful in her punishments. 2.0 is not interested in my objections to her spanking. She hits hard as long as she wishes. She also is much more observant of my behavior and very willing to punish for the slightest deviation from a rule. This is the point I hope she can return to in the very near future.

I think that Lioness 2.5 is more than just a meaner 2.0. In my eyes, 2.5 will demand more obedience and will punish more severely than 2.0. This next evolution of my lioness will be comfortably in control and have considerably higher expectations of me. Sexually, she will decide what I get based purely on her own thinking. My feedback may be accepted but will have little weight.

Of course, this is all my idea. Only Mrs. Lion knows what her next step will be. I’m hoping she will share her thinking on this in the near future. I think that a part of the process of getting back to normal is to think about where we left off and where we are going. I am going to discuss this with Mrs. Lion and see how she is feeling. After all, I don’t get a vote in any of this.

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