I took a page out of Lion’s book and did some research into why Lion isn’t ejaculating when he has an orgasm. For younger men, the major cause is too many orgasms within a short time period. For older men, it’s usually because of prostate or other urinary surgery. Other than that, it’s generally caused by side effects of drugs. Bingo! While I don’t really know what the side effects for the narcotic are, I’m fairly sure that either it, or the anesthesia has thrown Lion for a loop in the ejaculation department.

If you remember, Lion did have surgery for kidney stones several months ago. After that, he ejaculated fine. His semen production was somewhat low, but he did have some. The issue has only occurred after his shoulder surgery. He was given an antibiotic that we know alters his sense of taste. That lasted for quite a long time. I don’t know what anesthesia he was given, but it stands to reason that he may have had side effects from all the sources that contribute to his lack of ejaculation.

While I love Lion’s cum, I’m just happy that orgasms still feel good to him. I’m not worried about my loss of a crème-filled Lion. Sure, it’s a tasty snack, but my goal is a happy Lion. If he said his orgasms were no longer satisfying, then we’d have a bigger problem. So far I’m running under the theory that the semen will return when it’s ready. Lion is moving toward eliminating the narcotic and once that happens, I think things will get back to normal.

On the other hand, I wonder if it’s possible that Lion is subconsciously doing it to himself. Maybe he’s worrying that things won’t return to normal in the sense of female led relationship, domestic discipline and male chastity. He could be worrying about his recovery and whether he’ll get full use of his arm back. He could still be worrying that I’ll leave him because he’s needed so much help lately. Worrying about things has many side effects all by itself.

From my point of view, I’m wondering if he’ll ejaculate if I start playing with him again. Does he need some pain to go with that pleasure? I wondered if I just teased him enough, would that get the juices flowing? Maybe my concept of giving him an orgasm every few days to ease back into things is all wrong. Maybe he just needs to be played with and edged and made to wait for the semen production line to start up again.

Even though I don’t really think it’s a big deal, I’m willing to try anything to help Lion. The last thing I want to do is put more pressure on him. We can try different things, but I figure it will just randomly happen when it happens.