I’m annoyed with Lion right now. He doesn’t know it. I haven’t told him. I was trying to figure out how to ease into the first issue without it seeming like I’m attacking Lion. He goes on the defensive quickly. And now there’s another issue that has my panties in a bunch. Right now he’s writing his post so I don’t want to interrupt him, but we’ll discuss things when we’re both done writing.

The thing is, I see myself falling into old habits. I’ve been annoyed at the mountain of tasks I have to do. I knew I’d be doing the majority of the tasks while Lion recuperates, but it just seems like there’s always something that needs to be done. For example, I don’t remember us running the dishwasher so often before his surgery. I’m always emptying it. And when did we become the largest garbage generator in town. The bag is always full and I need to take it out. I’m not blaming Lion for not being able to do anything. He’s pitching in where he can. [Lion – Before the surgery, I took out the garbage almost all the time. Mrs. Lion didn’t realize that. We have always run the dishwasher daily. I think it is that poor Mrs. Lion is doing everything now, she is feeling the pressure.]

If I wasn’t annoyed by this mountain of tasks, I don’t think I would be so annoyed by the other two things, which are largely due to lack of communication. It’s a snowball effect and I understand how easy it is for things to fester inside me. I haven’t said anything about the long list of tasks because it’s not Lion’s fault. I have to get off my ass and do things rather than sit around falling asleep with him. It annoys me even more when Lion points out something that needs to be done. “Wow! That’s a lot of recycle to go out.” “If I was driving my car, I’d get it washed. I hate a dirty car.” And when I said I need to move around rather than sit with him so I stay awake he said, “You could always clean.” Apparently 2.0 is off on vacation somewhere. Any one of those statements should have warranted a notch on the bedpost for future punishment. But they didn’t. Instead, I hold it in and let it simmer.

Well, today it’s boiling over. Either 2.0 is spending Memorial Day weekend with us or 1.0 finally woke up. If he can drive his car and plan to go back to the office full time, then he can handle some punishment. He wondered when punishment would resume. Right here. Right now. It’s on.