Sometimes people think one person writes both halves of our blog. This is especially understandable after reading my post from yesterday and Lion’s post from today. As soon as I wrote mine, I told Lion it was in. He responded with a laugh. He had just put his post in and it was almost identical to mine. I guess that’s inevitable since we sometimes have the same thoughts at exactly the same time. I assure you, we are two very different people. We share our lives and, apparently, the same brain from time to time.

I just realized I forgot to punish Lion last night for forgetting his training collar at some point in the somewhat recent past. It wasn’t this weekend. I’ve put the normal rules on hold while Lion is in pain and until he’s healed sufficiently from his upcoming surgery. I’m wondering if I should just cancel the punishment since it has gone so far past the infraction date. I can’t even remember when he did it anymore. On the other hand, should I ever cancel a punishment?

Obviously, if I can’t remember when he did it, it won’t have the same impact it would have had right after he forgot. I was even thinking of making the punishment fit the crime. Instead of spanking him, I was going to zap him with the training collar at random times throughout the evening. I know he doesn’t respond the same way to the shocks as he does to spanking, but since it is so far past the crime it may not matter.

At any rate, I should do something so I will decide by tonight what’s in store for Lion. Either way he won’t like it. Zapped balls or a sore butt is not much of a choice. If I had to guess, I think he’d rather have the zaps. The pain is short and it’s done. However, if he’s going to get zapped at random times during the evening, he may change his tune.

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    From an owned males perspective you should never forget a punishment. When my owner punishes me I feel grateful that she cares enough to bother with it. Conversely, if she lets me slide, I feel a little sad. Oh the endless dichotomy of our relationships.

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