We joke about Lioness 2.0 and how she is the stricter, less forgiving keyholder and disciplining wife. She really exists. There is more to being 2.0 than punishing and withholding orgasms longer. That’s the visible manifestation of the transformation. What’s below the surface is far more interesting.

Mrs. Lion hasn’t changed as a person. She doesn’t attend the church of S&M or spend her days thinking of ways to torture me. That sort of stuff is for the fantasies. 2.0 has integrated her role as my disciplining wife and keyholder into her daily life. Just as I have learned to internalize my role, she has accepted hers.

I can see that in the way she talks about my hurt shoulder and the upcoming surgery. She’s decided that she will suspend active punishments while I am recovering. But, she’s made it very clear that she will make me do the right things to heal. Too bad if I’m not hungry or thirsty. She will see to it that I eat and drink. She will make me take pain medicine at the proper times. I don’t think she would have taken such a strong stand in the past.

Yes, it’s the right thing for any loving wife to do. But in a vanilla relationship, requests to take meds, eat, drink, exercise, and do other things can be refused. The result is a pissed off, frustrated wife who has no recourse other than to withdraw. That’s not the case in our house.

First of all, I’ve been trained to obey. Even though I am an alpha male, I have learned that failing to obey Mrs. Lion will result in pain. That may sound simplistic and perhaps, a little silly, but it’s true. Mrs. Lion’s spankings are no fun at all. None. I hate them. Even now, when I am in pain, my butt got swatted last night because I forgot to wear my training collar when we went out the other day.

I take any “request” from her very seriously. I also know that while she may put off punishment until I am more mobile, she won’t forget to spank me for disobedience when I am on my feet. I know that and believe me, I do not want to look forward to her paddle even if the spanking is weeks away.

It’s more than fear that drives my obedience. I respect her and her authority. I may be grumpy and softly growl, but I know I will do what I am told. She knows I will too.

That’s the real point of domestic discipline. It is my visceral acceptance of her authority. At times when I need her judgement and authority most, I would normally be least willing to accept it. Thanks to all the practice I’ve gotten – and yes that includes the punishments – obedience to her is ingrained in me. Once she became strict and inflexible in her resolve to make me obey, I learned to take her authority very seriously. I know what “or else” means.

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    A good and harmless punishment for someone who is physically injured would be to let them eat swedish surströmming. As a Swede I find it delicious but most people start throwing up as soon as they open the can.
    Oh, and it’s fermented herring

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