Too Good To Be True

It seems too good to be true. I wanted to try male chastity and later, domestic discipline. Mrs. Lion agreed. That part isn’t the one that’s too good to be true. The part that blows me away is that now, years later, we are still at it. I didn’t think that either of us would stay the course. Mrs. Lion figured I would want to move on to something newer. I was sure that Mrs. Lion wouldn’t take it seriously and, at best, it would be new ways to play once in a while.

I didn’t want to quit make chastity when it came time to review our decision to pursue it. We both found value in controlling my orgasms. I secretly wondered if Mrs. Lion would just forget about it if I stopped wearing my cage. So, I made sure that the cage stayed on. Most recently, the cage has been off due to my shoulder injury. We’re a bit off our rhythm sexually. It isn’t because the cage is temporarily gone. It’s because I am in some pain every night and Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to take a chance hurting me.

We have to put our heads together and fix this. Mrs. Lion suggested orgasms on demand. I don’t want that. It’s been more than three years since I decided when I get to ejaculate. I don’t want to start that again now. Even though I’m not caged, Mrs. Lion can control how long I have to wait to come. If she thinks it might hurt my arm, then she should probably make me wait longer.

I’m not going to tell her what I think she should do. The reason I’m not is the part that is almost too good to be true. Mrs. Lion knows what should happen to me. I think we both have fully internalized our roles. I know that right now she is worried about me and wants to avoid making me hurt more. My shoulder is going to hurt no matter what she does. I don’t think it’s a factor in our power exchange. My right shoulder is pretty far from my butt if she needs to spank me. It’s not all that close to her penis. A little experimentation will determine if my pain will interfere with my sexual interest.

I know Mrs. Lion is perfectly willing to punish me if needed. That’s conclusive evidence that domestic discipline is also a normal part of our lives. It just isn’t kinky any more. It’s how the Lions live. That seems too good to be true; but it isn’t.