Friday night Mrs. Lion gave me a very nice orgasm with the vibrator. I was horny and it came as a great shot of pleasure in an otherwise painful day. Mrs. Lion decided that for the time being I could ask for an orgasm or play whenever I want. Her motivation is the best: she wants me to get as much fun as I can since my shoulder is pure pain.

I’m pretty sure that I won’t ask for either. It’s not particularly fun to order pleasure like food in a restaurant. I know Mrs. Lion wants this to be a kindness to her suffering lion. But for me, most of the fun is the surprise and my lack of control. The instant I can decide what happens to me in the play and sex departments, it loses some of its luster. So, Mrs. Lion, please continue deciding what happens to me.

We weighed in yesterday morning. We both lost weight. Our diet is going well. I find myself anxious that I lose. The prospect of a spanking is something I dread. It’s working as a deterrent and motivator. The secret is that my spankings are severe and hurt like hell. Those domestic discipline bloggers are right. To make an adult spanking meaningful it has to be much more severe than anything I experienced in the BDSM world.

I’m sure that it won’t take too many punishments for me to remember to wear my training collar without fail. I do tend to forget it more often than not. Mrs. Lion has gone easy on me because of my injury. I think that is very kind of her. It’s interesting (to me at least) that as a result, I keep forgetting to wear it.

Six months ago if you would have asked me if spankings from Mrs. Lion would cause me to take changes she wants seriously, I would have denied that as a possibility. I am absolutely amazed that there is such clear evidence that her punishments work. It’s no power game. It’s cause and effect. Break a rule, get a very painful spanking.

Why do I let her hurt me? I’m not tied down and I am bigger and stronger. Some would say I must want her to spank me since I don’t stop her. Nope. I don’t want to be hurt. In the beginning, I submitted because that was our agreement. Now it’s because I have to. If I try to resist, things will be much worse. A few swats to the back of my thighs will have me scampering to get into spanking position.

I can’t resist. Mrs. Lion is in charge. What started as an agreement is now deeply ingrained in me. I think the same is happening to her as well. I used to think that those blogs featuring severe punishment had to be fake. What man would allow himself to be punished that way? Now I know. I’m one of those men.


  1. Author

    I don’t know the kind of pain you’re going through, Lion, though I do remember how long it can take a rotator cuff injury to heal. However, I wonder if it might be a reasonable thing to take Mrs. Lion up on those extra orgasms once in a while. The giant dump of hormones at the time of orgasm certainly (in me, at least) seems to eradicate almost any discomfort, at least for a short while.

    (Of course, one could propose that a good spanking, with the accompanying increase in endorphin levels, might accomplish the same thing…)

    1. Author

      Hmmm. I never considered that. Mrs. Lion likes your comment. Knowing myself, I’m not likely to do it. I’m being a big baby about the pain.

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