Lion wonders what today will bring. Well, we talked about diapers. Lion has a problem with keeping his pants up. You see, he has no butt. None. So his pants try to slide right on down. No matter how tight he pulls his belt, his pants do not cooperate. This is sometimes amusing, but generally he needs to keep one hand free to grab them if they start to go. I thought a diaper would escalate this problem. They have a somewhat slippery exterior. I turns out, the bulkiness may actually help the pants situation. So Lion will be wearing a diaper today.

As soon as we get ready to go out on our errands, Lion will put his diaper on. When we get home, he will continue to wear diapers. He will have to wear one for two pees and change just before the third pee so he’s always in a wet diaper. I know they don’t necessarily feel wet, but they sag when wet and that’s what I’m going for. Because he’ll be wearing diapers, he does not need to wear his training collar. He forgot it yesterday anyway. I’ll punish him at some point today for that transgression.

We continue to learn/talk/plan for his shoulder surgery. Last night, after he said he was horny all day and I decided to give him an orgasm because it’s been a few days and he needed something good to happen, (how’s this for a run-on sentence) I hit upon the idea of the Lion show. I didn’t call it that last night, but it fits. I presented Lion with the idea of asking for play, edging and/or orgasms while we wait for surgery and during his recovery period. He’s the only one who knows how much pain he’s in. Rather than having me pester him with unwanted advances, he can decide what he wants and when he wants it.

This idea may fly in the face of female led marriage, male chastity, and domestic discipline, but we’re all about experimenting and deciding what works for us. Other people may have had shoulder surgery or other surgeries, but people are different. Lion may be able to take more or less pain than someone else. It may depend on the type of pain. He may be able to endure a punishment spanking, but the shoulder is killing him. Perhaps a broken toe wouldn’t be much of a problem, but a tendon tear is excruciating. My mother once said that a cracked kneecap was the worst pain she’d ever experienced. This woman has had more broken bones and other pains than anyone I know.

So, from last night until I decide he’s out of pain sufficiently, Lion will ask for play, edging and/or orgasms. That doesn’t mean I necessarily have to grant them. It also doesn’t mean that I can’t offer to do them. My job is to take good care of Lion any way I can. Right now, he’s scared and worried. I’ll do anything I can to help.

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