{Friday, dinner time} Mrs. Lion has been writing a lot about making me wear a diaper. It is easy for her, since all she has to do is tell me to put one on. It provides me with varying levels of discomfort. From a play perspective it’s an attractive option. If she makes me wear the diaper when we run errands, it is a bit more interesting for me. For some reason she hasn’t wanted me to do that. Of all the issues involved with diaper wearing, going out in one is not a bit of a problem for me. Well, no worse than having to wear one at all.

I went to my doctor today to get clearance for surgery. I am in excellent health. So, all that’s left is scheduling the dreaded event. This is relevant to the diaper discussion because I am limited in how we can play. My shoulder hurts and makes it unwise to tie me down. So, we are limited to non-bondage activities. That leaves a lot of options. So far, Mrs. Lion has only mentioned diapers.

The bad kind of pain, my shoulder, distracts me from the sort of BDSM play that I love to hate. It also makes it hard for me to remember my rules. It just sucks energy and forces me to focus on it. Both of us spend hours researching the surgery and recuperation. I am very happy that Mrs. Lion is committed to finding some play this weekend. It’s a constant that will help us both remember that my injury isn’t going to own our lives.

It’s been four days since my last orgasm. We are back to the standard lion chastity routine.  Despite the pain, I’m very horny. This offers my lioness teasing opportunities. I’m sure she’ll write about our activities in her post tomorrow.


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    Think forward Mr. Lion. When I had hip surgery a few years ago I spent 10 days in rehab. My room mate at the time said, “think about the future when you will be able to walk pain free.” I did and felt much better.

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    I had shoulder surgery after 10 years and over 50 dislocations. The best thing is an ice therapy machine. I bought mine on Amazon cause most insurances don’t cover it and they want 250 bucks to “rent” it from the hospital for 2 weeks. I’ve used it so many times since then on other times of my back hurts or anything else. It not only numbed my shoulder but it also helped a ton with swelling and helped me not to have to take so many narcotics which made me loopy and needy! Instead of buying ice all the time, I would freeze water in the bottom part of the cooler cause not a ton water is needed to keep it nice and cold. I’d totally recommend one if you can find it in your budget to purchase!

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      Thanks for the great advice. We ordered an ice cooling machine from Amazon. We are also getting an adjustable Sleep Number bed.

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