Yesterday, Mrs. Lion’s post discussed a new “athletic event” for me: enema retention. This came completely out of right field. I never saw it coming. Until now, we used enemas to clean my lower bowel to make way for various visitors that Mrs. Lion cared to insert. We use Fleet enemas and they do a good job.

In addition to being the overture to anal activity, we may now include enema retention to our play repertoire. As she proposed it, there would be consequences for failing to retain the enema for specified periods of time. Diaper wearing was one of the ideas she put forward. You can read her post here for her initial thoughts.

There’s actually a practical benefit in training me to hold my water, so to speak, longer. The longer the enema is retained, the better the cleansing. I tend to expel it at the first sign of urgency. I suggested that to be mean and to avoid any mess, that I wait while sitting on the bowl. We aren’t talking about long periods of time. Those prepackaged enemas have stuff in them that increases the urge to “go”. We will have to experiment to see just how long I can hold it.

Neither of us is particularly drawn to playing with excremental bodily functions. It’s true that I am made to sit in wet diapers. But that’s more for the humiliation and discomfort than it is about piss play. That doesn’t appeal to either of us.

I was amazed to read that post yesterday. I never thought about that form of play. It was a total surprise. That thinking is definitely Lioness 2.0. She’s becoming a creative top. Providing physical challenges is a sophisticated category of play. Bodily function control is one of that type of challenge. In a sense we have been doing this with the diapers.

For example, I am sometimes required to wear a diaper until I have peed in it twice. Then, I have to keep it on until I need to pee again. This can have me sitting in a very (2 pee’s worth) soggy diaper for hours. If I can find a way to need to pee soon after I fill the diaper with the second pee, I will minimize how long I am trapped in that very heavy, wet diaper. Indirectly, I am being trained to try to control my urination schedule.

Obviously, I can’t do it very well. But that’s not the point. The soggy diaper training focuses my attention on a bodily function I don’t think about under normal circumstances. For the time I am in diapers, I am acutely aware of how my need to pee affects my comfort. It’s an interesting form of mind control. All 2.0.has to do is put me in a diaper and she seriously refocuses my thinking.

Holding an enema is less about poop than it is about force of will. My body is screaming to have me let go. If I’m on the bowl, all I have to do is relax and let things happen. But I can’t. I have to endure the increasing pressure if I want to avoid the consequences of going too soon. If Mrs. Lion doesn’t let me see the time, I can’t anticipate the clock reaching the point when things will be ok. I just have to hold on as long as I can. It’s a test of my will and endurance with real consequences for not going the limit.

Both are obviously humiliating forms of play. But in reality neither has anything to do with excrement. Diaper time is not about pee. It’s about a form of mind control. Enema retention is a test of my will. It has nothing to do with the poop that is causing me distress.

Bodily function play forces me to try to manage things I normally take for granted. She can smile at my distress and discomfort. Oh yes, this is definitely 2.0 fun and games. I have to admit that in a weird way I find the diapers exciting. I don’t know how I will feel about the enemas.