Hold It!

I had an evil thought based on something I read a very long time ago. I could give Lion an enema and make him hold it for a certain length of time. If he can’t hold it he’d get punished. If he can hold it he’d get a reward. There are at least two issues with this idea.

How long can Lion normally hold an enema? Does that change depending on what he’s eaten, time since last meal, etc.? If I can’t establish an average wait time, I can’t give him a time to beat. If that wait time is contingent upon a variety of factors, I may not be able to give him a time to beat. It is, of course, possible to figure out a wait time based on the different factors. He might have to wait ten minutes under some circumstances and fifteen under others. I don’t know. Just throwing out numbers here.

The other major problem is that I am horrible at giving rewards. I thank Lion when he does something well. I tell him he’s a good boy. I tell him he’s been doing a very good job at X. But an actual reward usually escapes me. What kind of reward do I give him? He gets more orgasms (at least lately) than he can handle. My last reward was candy, but we’re dieting so that’s out. How do you reward a Lion who gets almost everything he wants anyway? (I’m not saying he’s spoiled. He’s just a very lucky boy.)

I’m not even sure Lion wants to do enema play. But if I want to, he has no choice. I don’t think this would be a regular occurrence. Unfortunately, in order to figure out the timing issue, it would have to be a somewhat regular occurrence to begin with. Or it could be used as punishment. Sometimes I give him a choice. Wear a diaper or get spanked, for example. It may be a choice between wearing a diaper or holding an enema for X amount of time.

Just an evil thought I had on the way to work. It doesn’t mean we’ll do it. It doesn’t mean we won’t.


  1. Author

    I have had a 1 liter saline solution put into my colon. I think I was able to retain in for maybe 2 minutes ( it seemed like hours). If my GF at the same time decided to massage my balls with a methanol salve, I don’t think I could have retained the fluid for more than a few seconds. Give it a try.

  2. Author

    Go for it. He just has to hold it till you are satisfied it’s time to stop (or go). It’s all up to you. Your the boss. I think it might be fun just to see the look on his face before you say time’s up.

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